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Egypt is the land of mysteries, of the great dynasties of Pharaohs and the Nile river! A sunny country, of the endless golden Saqqara desert, of the black gifts of the Nile, of Bedouins and their camels, of the thousands bazaars and the world’s greatest Egyptian civilization…  Egypt, the gift of the Nile, the second largest river in the world, crosses the whole country from Upper to Lower Egypt, finding his way into the Mediterranean Sea. It is the reason for the amazing  flourishing of an ancient civilization that counts over 5,000 years of history. A country with two official religions, Islamic and Christian (15% of the population, 15 million out of 100.000.000), Egypt has forever been tied to its Pharaonic past and its archaelogical riches and theres a lot to disscover…

Did you know that Egypt is called a gift of the Nile thanks to Herodotus?

egypt pyramids gkiza cairo

egypt pyramids gkiza cairo

Itinerary for travelling to Egypt

Find below the 8 day itinerary we created and finally followed including all costs in Egyptian pounds per person (Egyptian pounds EGP), Euro and dollars! We followed the Nile route from the south to the north, but those of you who have more time or have been before at the Nile once before you can visit El Almaine, the White Desert, the oasis of Shiva, the Sina Peninsula, the Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, the Red Sea, etc.

1 DAY 
Flight to Cairo-flight from Cairo to Aswan
Food at Kato Dool Nubian Resort
Overnight at Kato Dool Nubian Resort (read more here or watch our video here)!
Tour in Abu Simbel (200 EGP-photo pass 300 EGP), you can go only with an organized tour which either have to be pre-booked, or arranged at your accommodation. Keep in mind that the car starts at 4.30 in the morning so arrange your stay and transfer in advance (12 USD).


Excursion to Abu Simbel (starting 4.30 am, 3 hours way, return to Aswan at about 13.00 pm)
On the return take a motor Boat (150EGP) to the islet of Philae Temple (140EGP).
Nubian Village (enjoy a walk at the beautiful coloured villages, if you stay at Kato Dool congrats coz you are right in the village itself, if you stay eg. on Elephantine Island you have to get a motorboat to the Nubian villages).
Food at Kato Dool Nubian Resort
A Felluca ride to Elephantine Island (70EGP) and sunset. You can go to Unfinished Obelisk (80 EGP), Nubia Museum (100 EGP), Aswan Museum (70 EGP) as well.
Overnight at Kato Dool Nubian Resort (read more here or view video here)!


We say goodbye to Aswan and either we take a car to Luxor (that’s what we did 15 USD) or join a three-day cruise at the Nile to Luxor (more relaxed and restful program for 40USD)

Pay a visit to the temple of Horus in Edfu, explore the temple of Kom Ombo.
By car to Kom Ombo and to the Temple of Crocodile (100 EGP) and the Edfu temple (140 EGP).
You can also stop at the Mausoleum of the Agha Khan on the way to Luxor.
Drop off at Luxor (15 USD total transfer)! A train is more economical choice if you have more time!
Overnight at Luxor (11 euro/2 nights)


Wander through the royal burial sites the Valley of the Kings and Queens and the west bank of Luxor. Tour in Kings Valley (200EGP + 300EGP photo pass) where you can see 3 tombs of  Pharaohs (Ramses IV-IX-Meremtah (to Toutaghamon and Seti the cost is  €50 for each one) – (photo ticket = 15 € We think it is not worth it just enjoy the visit).
Memnon Colossi, Queens Valley & Hatsepsut Temple (100 EGP).
Food at Al Sahaby Lane (Rooftop with a view to the Luxor Temple and a cool evening breeze).
Sound and Light Show Karnak Temple (15 USD booking online capability, there are shows at almost every temple but from what we have read and tried if you are about to try one at least try this one at Karnak as it is not static, but do not expect much, its overpriced anyway..).
Overnight at Luxor (11 euro/2 nights)


At sunrise you can ride an Air balloon over the Nile (60 USD)
Luxor Temple (140EGP) – Located in the city center so you can just go on foot.
Karnak Temple (150 EGP) you can go there either on foot parallel to the river banks (30 ‘), either by horse cart (40EGP) or by taxi (50EGP)
Visit the market of Luxor, small but strong in terms of bargaining!
Visit the Luxor Museum and the Mummification Museum.
Food at Sofra.
Night Train to Cairo 10.55 pm – 9.00 am (80 USD) Day train (10 USD). For more information about trains in Egypt read here! You will definetely  need some help and you will find the links for the itineraries too!


Citadel of Saladin Cairo, Mohamed Ali Mosque (140 EGP), attention because on Fridays the Islamic mosques are closed due to praying, on other days women must have their heads covered (taxi 20 EGP = 1 euro).
Mosque Madrassa of Sultan Hassan (80 EGP)
Mosque of Ibn Tulun
Mit Rahina Museum (60 EGP), there lies a huge statue of Ramses 2.
Cairo Tower (Opening Hours: From 8 am to Midnight) (300 EGP).
Market KhanAl Khalili (with taxi or Uber 25-30 EGP) and El Gamaleya
Food in Abu Tarek for Kosharu Special (30 EGP)
Felluca Ride at the Nile, coffee  by the river (50 EGP).
Café Eish and Malh
Sweets Mandarine Koueider (Kiounefes and Basbousa (Samali))
Sweets in
Overnight Cairo to Tahrir Square or El Talaat Harb (30 USD/3 days).

egypt vcairo

egypt cairo


Tour with Egypt Day Tours in Giza Plateau – Pyramids – Sphinx – Egyptian museum the only one of the seven wonders of anscient world  that still exist (160 EGP-360 EGP Khufu’s’s Pyramid-100 EGP Khafre’s Pyramid) (read our detailed blog post with all the information you might before for your visit to the pyramids of Giza.
Camel Ride (Optional, we did not tried this one but if you choose to do so you can ride a camel for some money and find yourself on the spot that gives you a view to all the pyramids together).

As a special offer to anyone that comes through our blog, Egypt Day Tours will offer a 10% discount on any tour / activity  plus a free camel ride in case you are in the pyramids area. 

Tour the Egyptian Museum  to view the worlds largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities. (located next to Tahrir square) (160 EGP + 50 EGP photo pass + 300EGP inclusive tickets with Royal Mummies Hall) at 17.00 closes for half an hour and reopens with other prices (read our detailed post with all the information).
Dinner Cruise €13 (Optional) on the Nile or Felluca sunset (you can find a cruise at the marina Dok Dok close to the Four seasons hotel)
If you have one more day we suggest you to visit the other Saqqara pyramids, which are less famous but also less crowded. They are just around 30-40 km away from Cairo so it means an extra day for you, Bent pyramid- Dashur and Step Pyramid.
Overnight Cairo in Tahrir Square or El Talaat Harb.


One day excursion to Alexandria by train (53 EGP). For our tour we chose Egypt Day Tours while on our adventure with the train read more here!
Alexandria Library (70EGP)
Kavafis Museum (30 EGP + Photo Pass 25 EGP)
Kom El Dekka Roman Amphitheater (80 EGP)
Pompeys Pillar and Temple of Serapeum (80 EGP)
Saint Sava Church
Evangelismos Church
Catacombs of Kom Ash Suqqafa (80 EGP)
Fort Qaitbay (Lighthouse Faros of Alexandria once stood there)
Return by train to Cairo (53 EGP).
For information about the tour and surprise gift for you who will choose it you will find here!


You can claim your visa at the airport! Do have 25 usd with you for the visa fees and proceed to passport control.

Taxis in Cairo and Alexandria

Taxis in general are very cheap with prices not exceeding 1 euro per race, in Cairo they are white while in Alexandria they are black and yellow. There are taxis with taximeter and taxis without one. Always ask before you enter if there is a taximeter and make sure the meter is switched on (at 6 EGP). If there isnt any taximeter just negotiat the price before you enter! Finally there is Uber as long as you have Internet connection!

From Cairo to Airport

The best solution is a negotiated taxi, around 120 EGP.

Extra tip: Have cash everywhere except hotels and any fine restaurants!


Extra advice: You will be asked to gine baktsisi (tips) eg at the toilets of monuments and temples, be sure to keep some pounds on you.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

We have not experienced any danger and even until late  night there are people everywhere, people of all ages, genders and religions! Security checks are occuring at all points of interest.

Read more abut Egypt in our blog posts about Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza Plateau, Alexandria the city of Alexander the Great and our train adventure.

How much does a trip to Egypt cost?

For the above itinerary we spent in euro:

€400 movements (air, trains, taxis)
€170 for entry to points of interest
€65 Food
€49 Accommodation
€22 Miscellaneous
€4 Souvenirs
Total: €710 person

Combining the magic and mystery of life and death and the secrets of Pharaohs Egypt’s histrory is one of the most extraordinary and significant for the human kind! We wish that you soon find yourself travelling in this enchanting and mystical country and those of you who are about to do so, use the discount offer that we have for you in collab with Egypt day Tours!

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