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by Olga
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If your next destination is a travel to Italy… You’re in the right place to learn all you need to know before the trip to Italy. Below you will find useful information, advice and guide for the trip. You will find maps, sights, cities of Italy worth visiting and everything you need to know and answer before choosing the right way to travel to Italy! Italy is a fantastic country not to mention that no recommendation is needed when it comes to fine Italian cities and italian style as a trip to Italy is itself a dream destinations for most of travellers. Enjoy reading…

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Travel in Italy

To begin with let’ s start our trip travellers!  Travel in Italy is probably on the top of the travellers’ bucketlists all over the world! Why is Italy so popular among travellers? What makes Italy stand out? Its history, its architecture, its finesse, its food… or alltogether? Everything in Italy is about classy stylish italian vibes! We love travelling in Italy beacuse its easy, its affordale for all types of travellers, itsboth colourful and authentic at the same time and there are numerous cities one can visit.

Travel in Italy tips

Generally speaking let’ s see some tips and advice:

  • Try the famous Italian food whether its for a pizza or a fancy restaurant (pizzas and pasta everywhere)
  • Enjoy esspresso shots like an italian
  • Drink some fine aperol spritz and other italian aperitivos
  • Search for the happy hour in the more hipster areas of each district
  • Learn some Italian words, they will definetly appreciate it
  • Visit more than one city a time coz they are located closely enough even for day trips
  • Use the automated luggage storage lockers while transiting in Italy
  • Use trains for a more low budget trip
  • Rent a car to travel Italy from north to south

When in Italy… do as an Italian!

How to travel Italy by car – Rent a car or not?

Given these points what about using a car for your travel in Italy. The easiest way to travel in Italy is to explore the whole country from north to south or via versa by renting a car. It is an easy process since it is a very touristic country, really friendly to tourists. The options are many but of course we will recommend that you rent from an internationally recognized car company. Important notice before each car rental, read the fine print and check the car thoroughly before picking it up looking up for any damage.

Finally keep in mind that in some areas it is not advisable to travel by car such as the Cinque Terre area, for example (in our italian riviera blog post we share all info about how to move by train there), but it is certainly the ideal way if you want to visit many italian cities in a few days.

Travel Italy packages

Although Italy is considered and not unfairly an expensive country for the tourists, there is a wide variety of travel packages on the internet. Great competition means fairly low prices. What we want to tell you is that with a good search you will definitely find a cheap package either it is for a group trip or a personalised trip made specially for you. The good thing about travel packages is that you save yourself time and effort especially if you are not yet a very experienced traveler. Prices vary and naturally they depend on the type of traveler you are. Certainly a luxury trip to Porto Fino with central lodge at the coast costs much more than staying outside the Cinque Terre area for example in La Spezia.

For accommodation options do your search here!

Is it safe to travel to Italy?

So, what about safety? Travel to Italy is always a safe choice as we are talking about an extrelmely touristic country. Although travelling there is totally safe in general, always check for any travel advice and guidelines by local and international authorities especially in case like the unlike event of something bad is happening as the whole Covid 19 thing that is all aorund. So besides these kind of precautions and restrictions travel to Italy is totally safe!

Italy Cities you must visit and places to see in Italy

Here you will find many useful information about sightseeing, travel and lodging in Italy in details. As a matter of fact just click below on our posts of the following cities – regions of Italy that are the most frequent choices for a travel to Italy.  Find the perfect stay and read everything you need to know before your trip to:

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Map of Italy – cities Genoa and Milan

In addition to the search you will do via google maps we have prepared two google earth maps for the following cities before your travel to Italy with all the attractions you need to see and in the order that it is best for you! See here the map of the sights:

To sum up this was our little italian adventure, we trully hope all this travel advice and guide will make your dream trip to Italy come true in the best way! Would love to hear your feedback!


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