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by Dimosthenis
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Visitting Kalavrita is on of the best options if you are looking for an ideal and historic destination for a weekend trip, close to Athens!

Kalavrita and History

Kalavrita is located on Mount Helmos in the region of Achaia, 190 km from Athens. It is a historical village both for the actions took place there during the Greek war of independence, as well as for its modern history. Kalavrita was one of the regions of Greece that experienced nazi German retaliation in the harshest way during the Occupation (Massacre of Kalavryta December 13, 1943). 

Sightseeing in Kalavrita area

See the google earth map  route we made for you. As for the top attractions of the area we stand out…

Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust

The Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust is located in the primary school. It is a symbolic building for the inhabitants of the city as they met and suffered the brutality of the Nazi atrocity. You certainly have to visit it, for details visit the official website of this historical museum.

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Place of sacrifice of Kalavryta

Within walking distance from the city, just 500 meters, on the hill Kapi, is the spot at which all the men from 14 years old were led by the Germans, where they were executed. Today there is a great cross reminiscent of the Kalavrita massacre.

Kalavrita Ski Resort

There are a total of eight (8) lifts and fourteen (14) slopes that include all difficulty levels, total length 25 km. You can also enjoy your coffee in the ski chalet.

The ski resort started operating in 1988

Cave of the lakes

The Cave of the Lakes is considered unique in the world, since it has 13 successive scaled lakes. The exploited length of the cave is 500 m while its total length is 1,980 m. You will enter the cave from an artificial tunnel that leads directly to the second floor from a total of three. The crossing of the ponds is made by raised artificial bridges. For opening hours check here.

Petimeza Tower

Between Kalavrita and the cave of the lakes you will find the famous Tower of Petimeza. The tower is located in an elevated position in Kato Lousous and is maintained in good condition. It is one of the oldest towers of the mountainous Peloponnese (17th century) and is a characteristic example of fortified housing

Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra

Historical monastery, where the banner of the Revolution of 1821 was raised. It was built in the 10th century and in 1585 it was destroyed, when the decline of the monastery began. Successive disasters followed and in the early 19th century it was rebuilt.

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How to get there – odontotos rack railway

The easiest way to get there is by car, because this will help you visiting the places around the village. Another way is by Odontotos train. Using odontotos train is a unique experience, and not unfairly it has become a tourist attraction. The train starts from Diakopto and the route is trully unique. It lasts about an hour and crosses the gorge of Vouraikos, passes through the village of Zachlorou and ends in Kalavryta. The 22 km/h journey takes place at a speed ranging from 30 to 40 km/h on the single line and from 6 to 15 km/h on the barbed track. The railway network is serrated in the places where due to the morphology of the ground there are large slopes. For ticket info and train timetable press here.

Where to Stay?

Although the region of Kalavrita is close to Athens and you could come for just one day but… we think that is better to spend more days in Kalavrita village. We stayed two nights in the center of the village. You will find a lot of traditional hostels and picturesque houses to stay in, depending on your preferences

Things to do in Kalavrita – activities

You will find a lot of activites around the kalavrita village!!! … skiing, hiking and of course the odontotos train are some of them. We recommend the descent of the Gorge of Vouraikos. It is a route along the path that follows exactly the jagged! A really great route, regardless of whether you are a hiking enthusiast.

Where to eat

The food is unique, traditional and you will definitely enjoy it whatever your choice. We stood out and recommend: 

Mountainous Arcadia is one of the nice destinations that you can visit, all year round. If you want more ideas for destinations near Athens visit our blog post for city breaks close to Athens.

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