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Παραλίες sea caves θαλασσινές σπηλιές διακοπές στην Κύπρο nonstoptravellers

Join us on a trip to Cyprus the island of Aphrodite. Read our complete guide full of sightseeing, food, accommodation and everything you need to see on an excursion to Cyprus. A diamond island of the Eastern Mediterranean with unique beauty, crystal waters, countless hiking routes and delicious food. Cyprus is an island of particular importance and relationship with Greece. Our stay on the island brought us even closer to its traditions and its amazing people. We present the island and invite you on a magical trip to Cyprus.

Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. Geographically Cyprus belongs to the Middle East. However, because historically, culturally and economically Cyprus has links with Europe and especially with Greece, it is considered also as a part of the West and Europe. It is now considered the south-eastern end of the European Union and of Europe as a whole.

Κύπρος Λευκωσία nonstoptravellers ιστορικό κέντρο

Where to go in Cyprus?


Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and is called the last divided capital. It is a city with character we would say as it combines high standards of megalopolis without the craziness of the big cities with the beauty of the old historic city behind walls that have endured a lot through the decades. Ledra Street is only the beginning  for exploring Nicosia’s old town. Old Nicosia is a diamond in the center of the island with all its well preserved little and colorful alleys full of traditional buildings and small artistic cafes. Parks, artistic cafes, family friendly sidewalks and elements of British influence make up the capital’s backdrop.

Nicosia for us means Old Town, colorful doors, well-maintained alleys, taverns with traditional music and a small dose of old times…


Limassol is the definition of a big modern city as it will soon be described as the Dubai of the Mediterranean sea, because of the reconstruction of skyscrapers and large resorts which moves very fast. A strong economy with tourists coming mainly from Russia, it has become the ultimate destination for Russian tourists. Similarly speaking of business, we would say that it is beyond business friendly mainly towards Arab and Russian-sourced businesses. The marina, the palm trees and the deck stand out and gain the attention of the visitor as they are not just reminiscent of any island but a developed seaside resort as well.

Λάρνακα λίμνη φλαμίνγκο αλυκές nonstoptravellers


Larnaca is a small diamond in the province of Cyprus. A city that hosts the main airport of Cyprus nowadays and which is the closest choice for sea escapes from Nicosia especially at the beach area called Mackenzie. The other area that stands out in Larnaca is the Finikoudes a long beach that extends to a huge coastal area and ideal spot for cycling and walking. Several historic points of interest can be found walking through the city just a few steps from the beach.

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Paphos is definitely a city with many attractions. Sightseeing, historic attractions, picturesque architecture and touristic mood. One of the largest cities in Cyprus was once the center of worship of the Goddess Aphrodite. Especially for Paphos city you will find all the information you need in our posts about Paphos and  the attractions close to it. You will find everything you need to see on a visit  to Cyprus.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa, Protaras and Paralimni are the favorite areas for every tourist and for the locals as well in the summer months. Party, baths, dancing and pleasant summer mood. Wake up early enough in order to catch up the sunbeds, because after 9 a.m. the beaches are really full of people. One of the most beautiful beaches we have seen, with crystal waters and many protected areas around it is Cavo Greco, but for us it is not like the ideal option in the summer. The area is full of touristic resorts and we would prefer that you visit it off season!

The Akamas peninsula

The Akamas peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus. Our favorite one for sure.. Natura protected area, with wild beaches, warm waters, off road driving, gorges and newborn turtles! Lovely route that reaches the beach of Lara quite easily with a conventional car (you can also rent a special vehicle to get there) and top proposal from us the food at the canteen that you will find on the end of beach of Lara. After the Rock Restaurant just keep on driving and you ll get there. The best food  you’ve ever tasted with 10€ per person with salad and beer by the sea!

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Villages of Cyprus and Troodos mountain

The mountain villages of Cyprus are the most incredible villages you ll ever see and we guarantee that! Unique villages with picturesque cobblestone streets and many ancient churches for you to explore. Hiking enthusiasts will find wonderful nature trails and international European trails that end in Troodos mountain. With perfect marking and landscape surprises during the route such as green lakes, waterfalls and dams. Possibility of camping in places (e.g. Adventure park), great food and endless village hopping!

Visit Cyprus Attractions

  • Old Nicosia
  • Famagusta gate
  • Checkpoints
  • Shacolas Tower
  • Episkopio
  • Ayia Napa
  • Cavo Greko
  • The ancient tree at Cavo Greko
  • Governors beach
  • Afrodites rock
  • Adonis baths
  • Kritou Terra
  • Afrodites baths
  • Shipwreck
  • Avakas gorge
  • Blue lagoon
  • Polis
  • Pomos (ask for the history of the place)
  • Tilliria
  • Kakopetria (village)
  • Kalopanayiotis (village)
  • Leukara  (village)
  • Fixardou (village)
  • Omodos
  • Troodos mountain and village
  • Dams
  • Churches UNESCO protected
  • Chrurches Moni Mahaira and Moni Kikou

Things to do in Cyprus

  • Round trip of the island (the ‘free’ districts)
  • Hiking Troodos mountain
  • Wine routes in Limassol and Paphos
  • Diving in Larnaca and Paphos
  • Walk Pediaios
  • Blue lagoon (Akamas and Cavo Greko lagoons)
  • Adventure park at Troodos

Where to stay in Cyprus

Here you ll find the links to all main cities and possible places to stay while visiting Cyprus:

  1. Protaras
  2. Paphos
  3. Larnaca
  4. Ayia Napa
  5. Limassol
  6. Nicosia

Παραλίες sea caves θαλασσινές σπηλιές διακοπές στην Κύπρο nonstoptravellers

Cyprus what to eat?

The food in Cyprus is lovely and you will love it. Some of the specialities that you should taste are:

  • Sieftalia (Meat)
  • Ofto kleftiko (Meat)
  • Soutzouko (Dessert)
  • Zivania (to drink)
  • Mahalepi (dessert)
  • Haloumi (cheese)
  • Koumadaria (to drink)
  • Koupes (snack)
  • Koupepia (meat)
  • Trout (fish when you visist Kakopetria village)

Where to eat

  • Zanetos (Nicosia)
  • Tamblios (Athienou village)
  • Pabos (Pomos village)
  • Lara beach (cantine)

Places mapped by Wanderlog, a trip planner

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