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It is time to explore more of Italy, the unique for its beautiful and once-well known port, its colourful buildings that suggest something from its old glamour and power throughout the centuries, Genoa (or Genova).

In Genoa for city break…

We escaped to Genoa for  one of our beloved city breaks. One of our last ones in fact was again in Italy in the romantic Venice! We booked our tickets with Volotea, which is a perfect choice for getaways in Italy, Greece and special destinations such is Dubrovnik and got ourselves to the most colourful port we ve ever seen, so far!

Is a 24-hour trip in Genoa enough?

Actually it is… But we suggest you spend a weekend at least. The city is ideal for walking and endless hours of exploration and enjoyment of Italian flavors!

We recommend staying close to the train station so you can easily escape to nearby areas such as the Cinque Terre and move easily to and from Genoa airport.

A wonderful city will begin to unfold in front of you from the very first moment you exit the train station! Classic architecture – masterpiece buildings will be your partners as you stroll down the streets, first you ll meet those of the Royal Palace and the University of Genoa. Here the area is full of affordable little shops ideal for a quick espresso and an Italian focaccia!
Continuing you will meet a building that reminds a lot of Greece in a perfect contrast to the adjacent Genoese coloured buildings!

Next is Garibaldi Street  where you have to take a look at the alleys on the right left of the pedestrian zone. You will see inspiring lights forming beautiful words like history, joy, love etc (so an evening stroll is definitely required).

Genoa challenges you to the hashtag #morethanthis

Via Roma

Keep strolling and you will find yourself alongside Via Roma a special touch in an urban environment. The street is surrounded by the well-known colourful buildings  while  hanging colourful windmills make the street look even more intense creating a perfect Instagrammable spot!

Alongside Via Roma a flea market is located with antiques and retro object in an open-air bazaar which will steal your heart!
Piazza Ferrari and Genova come next. A huge fountain and three buildings in its background will distract you enough time for photos and to watch the people as they pass by while you ll be enjoying sitting on  one of the many benches you will find throughout the square. A monument to the word Genova is the third must see point of Instagram shots!

Next stop is the Piazza Duomo and the temple of San Lorenzo, a special gem inside out and a quick coffee shot at one of the many  cafés just down the street (in one of the dozens of alleys of the center of Genoa).

Main attractions
  • Porto Antico
  • Aquario di Genoa
  • Via Garibaldi
  • Via Roma
  • Piazza delle Fontane Marose
  • Piazza Ferrari
  • Galleria Mazzini
  • Piazza Matteotti
  • Piazza delle Feste
  • Galeone
  • Sn Lorenzo
  • Palazzo Antonio Doria
  • Accademia Ligustica di Belle
  • Palazzo Stefano Balbi
  • Palazzo Nicolo Grimaldi
  • Port dell Arco
  • Biosfera
  • Stazione Piazza Principe
Our Favorite Spot is Porto Antico

The old port of Genoa is more lively than ever, with docks, a huge aquarium, modern architectural additions inspired by the past, benches, biosphere, wheel ride at €8, panoramic spot with view of the whole city in €5, Gelato, pizzerias and people of all ages are making it even more vivid and the perfect place to hang out!

Genoa in the Evening
  • Do Not miss an evening stroll in all the above places! The night has its own beauty and charm as you keep wandering in the alleys and enjoying an aperitivo. Leave the old port as the last part of  your trip and be amazed by the alluring lights of the city at night!
  • Try eating at Fuori (menu €6)
  • Drink italina coffee at urban Tazze Paazze
  • Enjoy panoramic views from the steeple of San Lorenzo for €5

Affordable air tickets, classic italian beauty, Italian Riviera in only one hour away, many options for nearby getaways with  Cinque Terre National Park being the top of the top, budget accommodation and food make Genoa the perfect choice for city break!

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