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We always say and truly believe that every place has its own beauty, but Iceland, the so called country of ice and lava, is indeed an unreal country that impressed us like no other did before. A country synonymous to the land of ice, super cold but also filled with hot lava, a country in the middle of nowhere surrounded by ice and ocean, a country where the tectonic plates of Eurasia and America meet each other and where nature skows unique behavior  such as Northern Lights dancing, glaciers, lava tunnels or Geysirs, Iceland is definitely a country that you will never forget and a ring road trip in that extraordinary island is definetely recommended to all of you!

A few words about Iceland

Iceland is the country of ice and it is an island country of Europe, located in the North Atlantic Ocean a bit southest to the Arctic Circle, located  between Greenland, Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Norway. Its population amounts to 360,390 residents. The interior consists of a plateau characterised by sand and lava fieldsmountains, and glaciers, and many glacial rivers flowing to the sea through the lowlands.

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How to plan a trip to Iceland?

We will share with you two travel options on how to plan a trip to Iceland  and its up to you to choose the one that suits you best based on your travel days and of course your budget.

  • First Choice Iceland Golden Circle

This is the most common route that most travellers choose as the sights that make up Golden Circle are mainly  located on the south side of Iceland and the itinerary  is easily feasible whether its with an organized tour or on a rented car. You can choose as a base Reykjavik and make another overnight stay eg. in Hella or Vik, so you ll definetely must have at least 4 days to spend there especially if you plan to join icelandic experiences and activities. The Iceland Golden Circle is actually a part of the the second option which is given below,  the Iceland Golden Ring so keep reading to learn more about the route as well.

  • Second option Iceland Ring Road trip

We choose the Ring Road Trip around the whole island! To see in detail our detailed itinerary with hours of driving, sightseeing and of course total cost read here. We recommend this option for the adventure lovers and the roadtrippers and of course and of course for those you can afford at least 7 days of travelling (accommodation, car, petrol etc). For all the useful information about car rental etc read our tips here!

Things to do in Iceland – which experiences to choose?

Check out in detail the list of the most famous experiences we joined in Iceland. More generally, however, it is worth trying as many as you can and as long as your budget allows it (because dont forget we re talking about an expensive country).

Some of the most mainstream activities are:

More activities in Iceland

You can always feel free to check our detailed itinerary and get an idea of the experiences we tried over there! In particular, a trip to Iceland must certainly includes hikes, Aurora chasing or hunting, waterfall hopping, hot springs, fishing villages in  in the northwestern area of fjords, a meeting with the wonderful puffin (only in summer).

Rumor has it that… If you don’t like the weather in Iceland wait five minutes and it will change. And this is true by far!

All you need to take with you in Iceland
  • Waterproof shoes (waterproof  not just water resistance)
  • Waterproof trekking or ski trousers
  • Isothermal (two sets up and down)
  • Isothermal Socks
  • Fleece cardigan or blouse
  • Waterproof jacket (preferably a trekking one)
  • Cap and gloves
  • Neck scarf
  • For more ideas on packaging, see our wider packing list – moreover do not forget our light travelling tips
Extra Tips and Info for your trip to Iceland
  • Iceland is called Island and Islandia by the Icelanders
  • Reykjavik is a beautiful city so  spend  at least a day wandering around
  • Useful tips for driving and renting a car can be found in detail here
  • Useful tips and options for Icelandic food can be found here
  • Iceland is much more expensive than the average of countries in Europe
  • Share your trip with friends to have more fun with a lower budget
  • The weather in Iceland is constantly changing, and when we say all the time we mean even per minute
  • Be informed about the activity of the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) but do not go to Iceland only for this reason
  • If you choose a Road Trip prefer travelling in summer months so that you make the most out of the day hours (Northern Lights can not be seen in summer)
  • The cost is always relative but it is an expensive country so be flexible, stay with others and cook homemade food for a few days to keep the expenses as low as they may get

Iceland has become one of our top trips in terms of nature, beautiness, wildness, pureness etc. and we recommend having it on your bucket list so start saving guys! Do not forget that there are no trips that are called de facto “life trips” and others that dont, every trip is simply worth being experienced to the full! The only thing we can assure you is that Iceland is one of its kind and a trip to the country of lava and ice will offer you imotions and experiences that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

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