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You decided to travel, you have booked your tickets and your accommodation, downloaded maps, read your favorite travel blog for tips and it’s time to pack your baggage!! You weight it once, you weight it twice… remove a few less important items and head to the airport with the concern that your suitcase is or isnt within the limits set by the airline you fly with!

Firstly do not worry! For years, we had the same concerns, which we overcame with some very simple tips… How??? By making lighter our luggage and choose light traveling!

What is light travel or minimalist packing then ??? Light travel is not so widespread in Greece and it is the way to travel lightly!

How light traveling can help you?

  • You can walk around more easily – Flexibility!
  • You do not have to wait for suitcases!
  • You do not lose any luggage!
  • Reduce the cost of travel whether you travel with a low-cost company or not!
  • Minimalist packing is more eco friendly solution when travelling
  • You keep travel simple


But how can you make your suitcases lighter ??? Read below 5 simple steps and tips to help you travel light!

Step 1: Travel plan

What clothes you get depends on the needs of the trip you plan to do. So drawing up a plan for what to go is the first step. Basic questions may be, what are the sights you plan to visit? Will you go to beaches? Will you ascend to the mountains? Will you participate in an experience – event? This design will be a guide for you to choose the right wardrobe and take with you only the necessary clothes.

Step 2: List with clothes

This list will help you reduce the excess clothes that you often get without having to. For the selection of clothes, you should follow the following tips:

  • What if scenario … stop doing that!
  • Check weather to get proper clothes. In the event of cold weather, it would be good to have clothes that you can do layering.
  • Selecting clothes that are in neutral shades and can be combined with each other for all possible outfits you will use.
  • You do not have to get clothes for all the days, let’s not forget that the clothes are washed. Especially in areas where cleaning services are degradingly cheap, we do not even discuss it (see Southeast Asia).
  • Two pairs of shoes at most (one you wear), which will be suitable for many occasions.

Step 3: Avoid unnecessary weight

Limit care items or obtain travel size packages. For items like shampoos, soaps and so on, most hotels provide enough of them free of charge. The wallet on a diet, you do not have to carry the card from the gym. Put in your “smart” mobile tickets, books (use pocket size instead) and anything else you can to avoid extra weight. Good to buy souvenirs but in moderation, we should not forget that the memories and the experience of travel itself are the best!

Step 4: Choose a suitable bag

Choose a suitcase according to your needs. It is advisable to use a low weight suitcase which is as small as possible. And why taking a small suitcase since our issue is the weight? Because this will force you to take fewer things with you. Do not forget that the bigger the suitcase is, more is the useless stuff you will take with you. The issue of the dimensions of the suitcase will be discussed in another article. Here you can read our review for the Pakt Travel Backpack which is a good choice to start travelling light and more simple.

Step 5: Minimalist packing

Congrats! You are now in the last stage of packing light, but do not rush because we have the last tip to look out for: Avoid packing at the last minute (sounds typical? we do it too)! This causes stress and leads you to get things you do not need. Try separating your clothes into categories (beach, sports, etc.) and then folding them in roll, we usually do it and it is worth it. Do not take many handbags and bags.

You are ready for traveling light. You will be amazed how much stuff you can leave behind and you wont need it … And that’s because ??? .. Because we fill our suitcases with things only coz we think we need them. We do not need them for real… as Pareto would say from the clothes we will pack we will only use an 80%!

So…Did you learn how to lighten your luggage … ??? it’s time to try it !!

Good luck and good trips !!!

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