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Spain is a country that provokes every traveler to visit it. A little bit of the Mediterranean temperament, the wines, the tapas, the flamenko, the language and so on, makes Andalucia a perfect place to travel! Andalucia is located in Spain, the authentic Spain as many call it!

Andalusia, the heart of the Spanish South, is one of the 17 autonomous regions of Spain and the southernmost one. It is the second largest and the first bu means of population. Its capital is Seville, and in general Andalucia is now divided into eight provinces: Seville, Huelva, Cordoba, Haen, Almeria, Granada, Malaga and Cádiz. Finally, there are almost 8 million inhabitants, it is the city where Pablo Picasso and the painter Velasquez were born, while its beauties fascinated and inspired the novelist Ernest Hemingway! All the above makes it the ideal destination for roatrip !!!

The budget for 2 people!

We traveled 700 km in 7 days! We spent 50 € on gasoline, rented a car with 10 € a day (prices start at 5 € / day) and for accommodation, bicycle, food and attractions costs 60 € / day. Airfares with a good search (not last minute!) Cost from Athens around 150 € / person, with airlines such as Aegean, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and are valid for direct flights or via Italy. Total for two people for 7 days;

50 + 10 * 7 + 50 * 7 + 150 * 2 = 770 € + (approx. 40 € from & to Airport) = 810 €

The cost of course can fall a lot if you choose to travel with company to share the common expenses, also the prices are indicative of a relatively well-paid trip. Surely the budget goes lower.

50 + 5 * 7 + 40 * 7 + 150 * 2 = 665 € + (approximately 25 € to & to Airport) = 690 € A

And of course it can cost you even more cheaper, if you choose to stay in a hostel, eat fast food every day and do not visit any museum etc!

The roadtrip

1 Day – Malaga

The first day we said … is devoted to feeling the vibes of the city (as long as the trip will last for several days)! We do not panic! We arrange our stuff and start wandering around! Malaga is the heart of Andalusian tourism, yet has retained its traditional character almost unchanged! Nice houses, rich nature and a high standard touristic center! Do not miss to visit the Picasso Museum at Palacio de Buenavista!

2 Day – Costa del Sol

On the second day, take a trip to the favorite beach of millions of travelers in Marbella where you can enjoy your Mediterranean air and sea! On the same day a little further north visit the city of Ronda, the rock city  with the well-known bridget (famous image among travelers). A city full of olive trees that reminds something of … Greece! Late in the afternoon you have to travel north to Seville.

3-4-5 Day – Seville (and maybe one day Cordoba?)

In the ancient city of Seville, which is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Andalucia, we recommend staying for 3 days! The historical route of Seville is the depiction of the history of all Andalusia and the different cultural influences that shaped its identity throughout the centuries. A city full of magic and fairy tales, as it is the city of Don Quixote! Also, visit the Alcázar, a palace complex with amazing gardens, now used to host the royal family. Ideal city for endless cycling or scrolling rides to feel like kids again, in the historic center, pedestrianized and full of bicycle infrastructure! Well-kept gardens full of flowers, many universities give youthful vibes to the city, boats to Piaza Espagna, and fabulous fresh fish make up the great scenery of Seville. The words that describe Seville the best are the relaxed rhythms and the smiles of the people! Fortunately, the tourism has not changed its genuine beauty! For those of you who want more adventures, one day you can escape to the city of Cordoba, the capital of Muslim Spain, located in the center of Andalucia!

Tips for Seville:

  • Book your tickets online
  • Try some shrimps and fish dishes

6 Day – Granada

Granada is … music, poetry and culture. It is the Andalucian rose! This province is located at the foot of the mountain and includes the rugged peaks of Sierra Nevada, a city with stunning architecture on calm plateaus, white villages scattered over hills and valleys descending to the rocks and impressive Costa Tropical beaches. The Alhambra, the “red fortress” of the Moorish monarchs in the city of Granada, is the most emblematic of the city which has been declared a Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1984. Nature at its Best !!!

Tip for Granada:

  • Get lost amongst musicians and artists in San Nicolas and watch the Alhambra!
  • Search for the authentic caves of flamenco!
  • Learn the local gypsy stories!

plaza-espana andalucia non stop travellers

7 Day – Málaga

Return to cosmopolitan Malaga. Enjoy for a while Spanish smells and the lively nightlife and return home more cheerful and wiser!

Extra tips!

  • Try the various wines of  Andalucia with prices at about 3 €  per glass on average, sparkling and semi-sweet!
  • Especially in Granada, you will try taparia,  our favorite tapas !!!
  • In Seville you can eat  for about 50 € / 2persons in a well rated restaurant while with about 4 tapas you will be happy enough all day!
  • Try some bull tails !!!
  • Experience: for those of you who are in a great tense enjoy a hamam!

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