by Olga

Before each let’s say out of the ordinary trip of ours there is always some serious times spending on the right packing, the right list of things that will either make your trip easier or will really be needed to implement it successfully. For most trips apply more or less the same lists, indicatively for three-day trips you can see here the travel pack check list of basic items you shouldn’t forget if you’re traveling light or you can consult our ultimate travel packing list we use on almost every long journey and we also advised before our trip to Tanzania.

Apart from the above, of course, each country is differenet and so is the travel packing list which may vary a bit! . It goes without saying, of course, that depending on the activities you intend to join you may need to change the list appropriately (e.g. if you climb Kilimanjaro you will need mountain trekking shoes but also special snowwear). So here is our travel paching list for our trip in Tanzania:

  • mosquito net (especially if you stay in hostel)
  • urination bags (if you are going to campsite in national parks)
  • download Uber if you use a taxi in Dar El Salam
  • organic or soap shower gel
  • Waterproofs
  • isothermal (necessarily if you are camping)
  • visa (online before you travel)
  • jungle spray with more than 4 deet
  • snacks like cereal bars for days you might not find anything else or want to supplement your diet
  • powerbank
  • adaptor
  • reusable bottle
  • medicines and vaccines – advise the experts or travel medicine of a hospital (for malaria – treatment for malaria, vaccinations for yellow fever, typhus, hyperpatitis a and b, dipthyritis – after first testing to see if you already have antibodies, we recommend that you have antiemetics, betadin, antiseptic hankerchiefs, painkillers and electrolytes)
  • Hat
  • light (if camping)
  • Sunscreen
  • work gloves (if any volunteering is in your itinerary)
  • school supplies (if you are planning to visit school)
  • clothes and shoes in good condition you don’t need or spare to give them to someone who may be in need
  • hand antiseptic
  • Slippers
  • Sportwear and shoes
  • microfiber towels

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And last but not least happy smiles and good mood have to be in your travel packing list! Just an advice especially while visiting countries like Tanzania. Don’t expect to find western standards services, after all, you didn’t choose Tanzania for that reason, focus on the uniqueness of this country and the vibes of its people, respect their culture and their way of life, and your stay there will be unforgettable!

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