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On every trip there’s something that’ll make you the biggest impression. Something that will leave you the biggest footprint and affect you in a particular way. Every time you come back from a journey you become different! Visitting the school in Jambiani village, was a special experience for us and helped us to see the world in a alternative way!

We always visit villages and walk between houses, local shops, markets, fields etc, but during our trip to Tanzania and especially in Zanzibar we thought that we would do something different! We wanted to do something for other people, by helping them. So after a long search of several volunteering and crowdfunding programmes we contacted the school in jambiani village.

The village of Jambiani

Jambiani is one of the largest villages of Zanzibar and stretches over a large area of coastline,  to the west of the island. It is a beautiful village in terms of authenticity but it is very poor with no roads. Characteristic, is that there is no drinkable water. The locals have to walk (vehicles there are few) or cycle several kilometers, under an incredible heat, in order to procure water.

Arturo (Adam) a 18 years local told us that “You could die on the bike”…to bring water to your family!

If you visit the village don’t forget to walk all over the area. Try to communicate with the locals, they are very kind and smily! Watch how they grap the cocos from the trees, learn what they do with the algae and visit their houses. Ask a village boy, who might know English, to get you around or just look for Arturo!

Jambiani School

The truth is that in the search for points of contact we had some help from a Polish guy, who lives and works there. He also helped us to contact with the primary school of Jambiani village, where he volunteers as well. So our first contact with the school began. Unique experience, amazing images etched in our mind and our soul. Smily little children and admirable teachers try to do their best, in difficult conditions. With no infrustructure, no books, no places to do their lessons, no PCs… teachers try to transfer their knowledge! We have no word to describe what we saw, so you’d better see the photos we took with the school principal’s permission.

Nearly 900 kindergarten and high school children are housed there! Halls are full of children, many of them without desks (children just sit on the floor)! There also face problems in offering potable water to the children!

Jambiani school projects

School survival is very important for the local community. Its survival depends on needs that exist and are real, without any dose of exaggeration! Uniforms for students, tank for drinking water, walls painting, dining area, desks, books, notebooks, bags, PCs and many more!

Jambiani-School-donation-nonstoptravellers-volunteer zanzibarDonation-School-Zanzibar-nonstoptravellers-volunteering in zanzibar

How can you help?

  • By Buying school supplies from Stone town (you will find small bookstores scattered in the city where you can buy notebooks) and donate them.
  • To bring school supplies from your own country! Don’t worry about what to brind, because everything is precious!
  • Try one of the infinite volunteer programs that exist and are already organized. In Jambiani there are African impact facilities. For example you can stay there and you could help them with projects that are already running.
  • By making your “holidays” and simultaneously help the school by offering your extra time. You can teach them English, that will be very helpfull for their future!
  • Send money to jambiani school or any other institution of your choice.
  • Joining a crowdfunding campaign you know and trust (eg. wheeling2help).

Read more about the volunteer programs and do your search!

Why there? Certainly you can help people everywhere, even in your neighborhood. You can’t change the whole world, but you can definitely change a child’s life. It is not neccesary to offer a lot, just a simple children’s book, is enought. Jambiani school needs your help!!


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