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Iceland is a country of unique beauty and nature attitude and what is the best way to make the most out of it if not trying some of its famous experiences? It will cost you a bit more but you will not regret this money guys, trust us!

1. Blue Lagoon

Although touristy, as many could say, visiting the Blue Lagoon is not something you should miss. Extraordinary colour and vibes, awesome and unique feeling of swimming in warm waters while its raining. Blue lagoon perfectly respects the natural landscape, providing high quality services. Learn more here!

2. Ice Cave Tunnnel

Amazing trekking on a glacier experience! Especially when talking for the biggest glacier in Europe Vatnajokul! One of its kind experience not to be missed, but pay attention to your clothes and boots! Only with trekking boots guys please be careful with that! Its not just a detail!

glacier ice cave

glacier ice cave

3. Diamond Beach

Another incredible experience total Icelandic could say! Facing real icebergs is something extraordinary! Either its for an amphibian boat or a zodiac boat you ll experience something you might never be able to witness again that close. Read more about the boat tour in Diamond beach and indulge yourself to glacier and iceberg magic.

4. Lava Tunel

Another interesting exploration is to visit a lava tunel. You can try a day tour or an evening one! We personally went on an evening tour and didn’t regret it, unique lighting, with some snowing happening during the touring and  moreover you ll get the chance to learn interesting things about volcanoes and life existence in a dark cave.

roadtrip iceland lava tunnel

roadtrip iceland lava tunnel

5. Whale watching

In the north.  Choose as a base Akureyri.

6. Puffin watching

In the northeast fiords at Borgarfjörður Eystri (only summer months).

7. Waterfalls hopping

With countless waterfalls all over the country we could easily visit Iceland only for Waterfall hopping. Choose the ones that suits you best in terms of itinerary and period of travelling and start hopping around!

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