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We ve heard a lot about the cost of travelling in Iceland, especially about the money that is required to be spent on Icelandic food. We tried out many Icelandic options in terms of food and we present to you 3 tips, actually 3 options on what to eat in Iceland! Here are the 3 options you need to know about Iceland, regarding food.

In general, Iceland is a relatively expensive destination, and same goes with food. More information about the travel cost in Iceland can be found in our blog post about the Ring road trip in Iceland. Of course there are inexpensive choices that you can afford easily and enable yourself to enjoy the local cuisine in an economical and low budget way.

Eating in a fast food

It is a quick and economical way to taste local Icelandic food and enjoy more neutral flavors, with local ingredients. This option will cost you 15 to €20 per person and you can find it in many places both in Reykjavik, and in smaller cities making road trips easier. We checked out some of them and present them to you:

Shopping from Super Market

There are several supermarkets (Kronan, Metto, bonus) all over the island where in affordable prices you can get breakfast stuff, snacks, ready made sandwiches or even ready meals such as a chicken.


Economical option, our favourite one, to regain some strength at the lowest price, and this is no other than to prepare yourself the meal of your dreams. You can purchase raw materials from supermarkets and start cooking. Usually all rooms, guesthouses and cotatges  have either private or common kitchens with all cooking necesities, where you can cook a delicious spaghetti with red sauce and seafood for example. We did it half the days of ur roadtrip  and we loved it, as we both saved money and enjoyed the whole experience of cooking in Iceland in a cottage house.

So, to conclude with…Is food in Iceland really expensive? We would say yes, but not in terms of the country’s prices in general. But it is for sure that there are ways to enjoy local icelandic flavors in cheaper ways, reducing the cost of travel. We hope that your appetite for your trip to Iceland got higher after that post…

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Bon Appetite!

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