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While visiting Egypt, Alexandria cannot be misssed, even if its only for a day tour! Surely the Greeks have one more reason to do so as it is the city that was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 Bc. Egypt’s second largest city after Cairo and its biggest port!  It is called the bride of the mediterranean sea. Alexandria is one of the famous cities in the whole ancient world. It was once the center of the Greek and Roman worlds. Those of you who read our itinerary post that we followed in Egypt will remember that we left Alexandria as a last but not least day tour by Egypt Day Tours!

From Cairo to Alexandria

We started our adventure at 6.00 in the morning when we departed from the central train station of Cairo and had Alexandria as the desination stop. For our adventure with the train and practical advice in order to avoid finding yourself into unexpected surprises check out our post! At 9.20 in the morning we arrived in Alexandria where we would meet our friend Mohammed to guide us in his beautiful home city.

Alexandria in one day

Just outside the train station, Mohammed was waiting for us. Mohammed is one of the most pleasant and friendly people we have ever met during our travels and was born in Alexandria. Mohammed has also visited many times Greece and he even studied linguistics and philosophy in Thessaloniki and speaks the Greek language too! Hes definetely our new beloved and most respected friend!

The Roman theatre located just outside the train station!

A quiet archeological site that looks almost familiar due to its greek architecture and worth a visit. Do not forget to see the Amphitheatrical Theatre, the sculptures that were excavated from the depths of the Mediterranean sea, perhaps remainings of the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria – Faros of Alexandria, and the mosaic floors of the urban “city” that stood there once.

Admission ticket 80 Egyptian Pounds

kavafis home alexandria

kavafis home alexandria

Kavafis’s House

The controversial Greek poet has left a great cultural heritage for all of us, revealing his unique personallity. His work has been translated into several languages and in his home you will find rare publications, writings and paintings.

Admission ticket 30 Egyptian Pounds
Photo 25 Egyptian pounds

Agios Savvas Church

It is a Greek Orthodox church in the center of Alexandria. Before entering the temple area you will see the statue of Archbishop Makarios.

The Holy Cathedral Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos

It is a three-aisled basilica built in the middle of the 19th century in Alexandria, Egypt. Ecclesiastical church belongs to the Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa. The church belongs to the Greek community of Alexandria.

Alexandria corniche

The wonderful corniche of Alexandria with the characteristic fishing boats reminiscent of our beloved Thessaloniki (in a much larger version of course). A beautiful bay in the Mediterranean Sea where you have to walk and imagine while looking towards the place where it is said that the lighthouse of Alexandria stood, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world! If you walk along the seaside you will meet the café where Kavafis used to hang out and many Greek inscriptions!

The fort of Qaitbay

Towards the end of the beach of Alexandria is the fort of Qaitbay which is said to have been built from the ruins of Faros. A characteristic monument visible from afar, it is worth visiting especially to enjoy the views it offers.

Almursi Abu alabbas mosque

The architecture of the Islamic mosques is well known to all of us, but this mosque has Moroccan-Spanish style, or Andalusian as well! Right next to the mosque there is the palace which consists of similar style vibes! The ladies should not forget to take with them something to cover their head to enter the amazing mosque!

Stop for lunch

We are at the end of the wonderful tour of Mohammed and its time for some food, isnt it? Don’t hesitate to ask for a lunch break! The flavors will delight you! Dolmas, stuffed pigeon, kebab, steaks, hummus, pigeon soup and much more. Ask for a refreshing lemonade with mint after the lunch to reflresh yourself   and continue to the last  stop of the day tour which is not other than the famous library of Alexandria.

The Library of Alexandria – Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Another one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world is in Alexandria. The huge in size and variety of library books is located at the point where the old one was standing! Many myths and stories around its name and greatness! Unique experience, in a modern space, full of students, museums, exhibitions and countless books! Respect the space that is interesting in terms of architectural point and  imagine how was once the ancient library! In the courtyard of the library you will find the statue built in honor of Alexander the Great and right at the inside entrance of the library the statue of Demetrius Falireus the inspirer of the creation of the old library.

Admission ticket 70 egp

biblioteca alexandrina egypt

biblioteca alexandrina egypt

The end of the one-day adventure in Alexandria

The tour in Alexandria with Egypt Day Tours has come to an end with us full of experiences, images and flavors! Its time to say goodbye to our friend Mohammed and head to the train station for our return to Cairo! Our suggestion is to spend one more day if it is possible in Alexandria, we personally likedit much more than urban Cairo, especially the point of the corniche was full of people of all ages! In general it reminded us very much of Greece and not unfairly because the cultures of the two countries intertwined since ancient times, and as a result they look very much alike!

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We thank Egypt Day Tours for the beautiful experience in the historical city of Alexandria, which we will definetely visit again someday!

For more info about the tours you can visit Egypt Day Tours!


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