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After we ‘ve left  the temples of Upper Egypt we arrived in Cairo, the capital of the country, the city of 19.5 million inhabitants, on the outskirts of which is  located the famous Giza plateau the homeland of the mysteries of the Sphinx.

Cairo is also called the City of a thousand minarets because of the Islamic architecture that can be found in the whole city!

In Cairo we stayed for two and  a half days. The first one we wandered on our own in the places we outlined in our relevant post (prices included) which is worth reading to find out the places we recommend for both food and sweets!  For the second day we joined a one-day tour at the Saqqara desert, the suburb of Giza, the famous pyramids and the Egyptian Museum with Egypt Day Tours. We recommend that you try Egypt Day Tours to have an inside view of the world largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, to enjoy and understand deeply  the exhibits, the monuments and the history of the Egyptian ancient civilization since the first Pharaoh till Alexander the Great and Cleopatra!

First stop Giza Plateau and the Pyramids

The pyramids of Giza are the only one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world that exists and stands proudly till this day at the necropolis of Giza. These are the three great  pyramids: the Pyramid of Cheops, also known as the Great Pyramid, the little smaller pyramid of Khafre and the relatively modest pyramid of Mykerinos. All three of them belong to the Fourth dynasty of Pharaohs. Together, including the ones we mentioned in the itibitine post, they form a vast complex of  pyramids the burial tombs of the great kings! The famous Great Sphinx belongs to the necropolis of Gkiza and actually it was just a huge rock which Ramses the second, the greatest Pharaoh of all, ordered it to be sculptured with his own face on it!

The Pyramids

The pyramids were built for the sake of the pharaohs, in order to accommodate their tombs eternally! In and out of each pyramid the architecture and design of each of them does not leave anyone unmoved especially considering that we are talking about a civilization that counts more than 5,000 years from now! These pyramids are dated back in 2580 BC.

Inside the Pyramids

Inside the pyramids the chambers where the tombs and the carnivores of the pharaohs were found are located and the treasures that accompanied them as well. On their inside there are solid and narrow corridors that lead either downhill or uphill to the chamber of Carnivores. Admission is allowed with a separate ticket, the price of which you will find below as well as extra tips!

Is it worth to enter the pyramids?

Our answer is obvious and positive! Apart from the  natural curiosity of a traveler, it is not possible not to be impressed by a real human miracle! After all you can visit the cheapest one with just €5 entrance, which we do not consider unbearable taking into consideration that you will be able to witness to something unique in the  whole world. Inside them of course there is nothing to see as the relics have been transferred to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.

The Saqqara desert and the camels

The vast land stretching from the pyramids of Giza to the depths of Central Africa is the Sahara Desert! Beautiful scenery very different from the sceneries most of us have in our countriesa, always keeps impressing us and will continue to do so… On our next trip we will cover other areas we mention in our post, because we are talking about a huge country the exploration of which needs more time! Around the pyramids of Giza you will find camel waiting stoicly to take you for a  deeper ride into the desert at a relatively low price. They’re the most adorable creatures with their cute smiles! We have not tried it, but it is your journey and your decision.

As a special offer to anyone that comes through our blog, Egypt Day Toursi will offer a 10% discount on any tour / activity  plus a free camel ride in case you are in the pyramids area.

The Unknown pyramids

Yet the pyramids of Giza are not the only ones in Egypt! There are a few more and are located 30-40 km away from Cairo! Definitely worth the visit as you will not see the big crowds of Giza and you will enjoy them better (Bend, Step Pyramid etc.).

The Mysteries of the Sphinx

We have all heard of the mysteries of the Sphinx and thats why we call Egypt the Land of mysteries. So what’s the mystery, anyway? Maybe you ll be able to unsolve the myth while entering into the mysterious plateau…

Extra Tips before you step on the sand make a wish and maybe… The Sphinx may help you achieve it!

Extra tips for your entering to the pyramids and in the case of downhill direction try to get it upside down, like you would climb it! It’s easier and safer!

Our second stop is the Egyptian Museum

We are sure that in every museum you have ever visited there have been antiquities from the Roman Empire, the Greek antiquity and of course from the anscient Egyptian civilization. Well the Egyptian Museum of Cairo has unique exhibits from all the 62 dynasties of the Pharaohs of Egypt, has hundreds of exhibits, statues, carnivores, tombs, golden relics even mummies.

We recommend Egypt Day tours as it is wise to have a guide with you both to guide you correctly through the exhibits and to help you  understand and unfold  the mysteries of the Pharaohs and the ancient history and culture of Egypt!

The carnivores as ancient pieces  of art will get your attention, and so will the golden tombs which have a room size and of course the two separately secured halls with the mummies of the greatest pharaohs of Egypt and other less famous being calculated 5,000 years ago (a separate ticket is required).

At late afternoon the most amazing day comes to an end with the most incredible memories. This was all about our second day in Cairo with the Egypt day tours.  The first day was a stroll in the urban and modern Cairo while the second was an intrusion into the mysteries of Giza. So nice contrasts amongs those two faces of Cairo just like a mystery… Our unique experience in Cairo ends with so much new information and history about humankind!



egyptian museum

egyptian museum

Read our full itinerary with prices in our post!

We thank Egypt Day Tours for the beautiful tour!

As a special offer to anyone that comes through our blog, Egypt Day Tours will offer a 10% discount on any tour / activity by mentioning the promo code NONSTOPTRAVELLERS plus a free camel ride in case you are in the pyramids area. 

Admission tickets
  • Pyramids of Gkiza 160 EGP-(360 EGP Khufu’s’s Pyramid-100 EGP Khafre’s Pyramid
  • Egyptian museum 160 EGP + 50 EGP photo pass or you can buy 300EGP inclusive tickets with Royal Mummies Hall
cairo egypt day tours pyramids

cairo egypt day tours pyramids

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