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We guess that we are all familiar with the DNA term, is that right? Well, ok lets suppose we all are, indeed! What if we told you that you can try traveling based on your DNA results, your ancestry and ethnicity? Cool, isnt it? So first things first! Lets find out together how to reveal your heritage and what is DNA traveling!

What is DNA Travel

DNA traveling is the new worldwide trend among travelers! You simply get to travel, to those countries that you seem to have an ethnicity relationship with! That’s right! First of all you have to be willing to find out your heritage results! Secondly you have to order online a DNA test, take it, send the samples and wait patiently to learn the results! Once you have the results all you have to do is choose your nest travel destinations based on the DNA roots of you! We are more than excited for that interesting testing that seem to be the next trend in terms of traveling!

Hos does the DNA test works?

Experienced technicians process your sample individually, using algorithms which calculate your Ethnicity Estimate, determining which segments of your DNA originate from different regions in the world. They also compare your DNA to the DNA of others to find close and distant relatives!

Explore DNA testing
  1. Your DNA reveals your unique heritage, the ethnic groups and geographic regions you originate from. The steps are too easy.
  2. Order the DNA kit online, activate it.
  3. Get some samples according to the instructions included in the kit.
  4. Send the samples back.
  5. Wait for the sample to be analyzed.
  6. View the results in 3- 4 weeks.
Why take the DNA test?
  • For the experience!
  • For the curiosity, we all seem to have!
  • For more reasons to travel!
  • For more open minded vibes!
  • Last but not least amaze yourself!
Travel more…

We truly believe that other than being an interesting and fun testing idea, DNA traveling can broaden our minds and get us closer to the most unusual travel destinations, or even closer to those destinations we wouldnt choose for our bucket lists, and finally help us travel more and travel better!

Cant wait to hear your results, feel free to share them with us!

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