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Do you wanna learn some tips for reducing the travel costs? Here are some simple tips and ideas you could use for more low budget travelling!

1. Set a budget

Its not just a case of paying the flight tickets, your available cash will dictate whether you stay in hotels, hostels, airbnbs, campsites or on couches! You ll also need cash for travel insurance, visas, vaccinations and other travel essentials! Yur daily expenses will be far higher in Western Europe and North America than in South East Asia, Indonesia and India!

Extra tip! Spend less time in more expensive countries!

2. Pack as little as possible

Never pack more than you are willing to carry! As long a you have your passport, phone and a few credit cards anything else can be replaced on the road! Read our post about travel light!

3.Be flexible

Moving your departure date by a few days can save money, mid week flights are generally cheaper as for example on Christmas days.

budget travel nonstoptravellers

budget travel nonstoptravellers


If you need to hang a world map on your wall or a scratch off map put some pins or stickers on it and reinforce the idea you ll be there soon! Adjust them if your itinerary strategy or motivation changes.

5.Talk to an expert

Especially when planning long trips for the first time it is quite possible that you re gonna make mistakes! Talk to an expert before you book, either it’s a travel agency or a more advanced traveler than you are! They surely will know which routes work best and cost least!

6.Book your tickets

Bying your tickets in advance (of course after having done a good research for the cheapest flights) will most likely cost less than if you were to book after departuring! All the above depends on the travel style you have chosen! If you are able of travelling for 1 year in Africa for example there no such need!

7.Make some hacking

If you aren’t a frequent traveler search the rewards plan of each airline before booking!!!

8.Don’t be too agile

Unless you decided to travelling a more agile way! Try to make some research before travelling that will save you both time and money!

9.Check weather

Look at weather conditions for the specific times you ll be in various places. So focus on what tyou want to do most and research conditions there. There are some times though when  being in some regions the wrong time that might bring unexpected benefits!

10.Give time in your first cities

Give yourself smooth arrivals in foreign cities by knowing where you ll be going when you get off a plane. Try to spend there at least one day, besides it a great chance to get to meet another cities in just 24 hours!

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