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Today we have prepared a post with some practical issues about organizing a trip to a distant destination! We Chose a city which for many of you might be a dreamy journey while for others the preparation of it seems like a mountain! So we’ve gathered all the info and steps you need to prepare properly for a trip to New York, this extraordinary and charming metropolis! Everything you need to know in order to organize your trip except airline tickets is here! We assume that you have booked the airline tickets so you are on the right track, you are already in the middle of the journey!

Travel Documents!

Passport! Those who have one check the expiration date not to be less than six months from the date of your trip. In case the expiration date is close we recommend you to renew it immediately. Those of you who do not yet have a passport time to gain one! Collect all the paperwork needed and get a passport! Also remember to check you have white pages for the US visa! Have a photo of the passport on your phone or a printed one.


In the USA you will need ESTA. Enter the ESTA website and once you have passed all the necessary data carefully, you just give some time for it to be approved. The Whole process is done electronically and will take you about two hours. It Costs about 15euro and lasts for one year. Photocopy your approval.

roatrip usa

roatrip usa

From – to the airport!

Park Around airports in case you want to move in the comfort of your car, leave the car in a safe place and find it clean when you return, with very little money! For those of you who want more comfort, do not have a vehicle or you will be with great company we recommend Uber, will leave you and will receive you safely, quickly and comfortably outside your gate.


New York Is famous for the high cost of staying there, so it may be difficult to find the ideal accommodation for you. However, especially if you are traveling with company we recommend Airbnb, Hostel and of course couch surfing! Do not stay out of town, coz you have to feel the vibes of the city, but make sure that you are close to a metro stop to be more flexible. Photocopy your reservation.


Big airports are really big so pay attention! Especially Those of you who have never been in such an airport, you may need even an hour to move from one gate to another. Calculate your times correctly and in case you have a transfer to another airport, pay attention because other rules apply in each airport and you may need to print new boarding passes. Before you fly, be sure about which airport you are landing to organize your transition to your accommodation and back prior your flghts. It is wise to keep  all boarding passes-check ins photocopied as well.

usa travel

usa travel

Check In!

It Goes without saying that we do electronic check-in before our flights, but if the airport does not support automatic procedures you may have to wait in line to leave luggage and show your cards. You May even need to have your boarding passes printed! So either case have them printed with you.


Make Sure your baggage and hand luggage limits are those refferes on the tickets you have purchased. Beware because overweight and extra baggage especially in USA cost enough money. To reduce the cost you can travel with a backpack up to New York and add luggage to the inbound flight! That’s what we do!

Travel Applications!

Uber, Google Maps offline, maps me, whats up, Jump bikes  etc. Be Sure to save all the points of interest you want to visit, your accommodation etc. Download maps to navigate even without internet connection. Save your credit card to Uber so you don’t waste time when you use it.

usa travel

usa travel

Credit Cards!

You are in the US, in the metropolis of all cities, forget the cash and use plastic money, only! You Achieve better parity (normally…)! Take with you another card, you never know… Make Sure you have a high credit limit, high enough and tell your bank where to ypou are about to travel (some banks need this info). Take some cash with you (only a few though). Dollar is not one of our favorite currencies in terms of travelling and unfortunately the exchange rate with euro is not very pleasant at the time! Make sure before you travel that you know all the currency rates!

Entering the country!

Upon the arrival at the airport there is a series of standard procedures in order to pass the control! No need for exaggeration. There are automated procedures and a mini interview that goes like what is the reason for your visit etc. Make Sure you’re serious and response to the questions properly so that you get to finish up soon.

Travel itinerary!

With this one you will need your own good online search (via an updated travel blog like ours ;-)), or through a travel guide or with a travel agency to book a tour! Its not that difficult, get  pen and a paper and start palnning! Once you are done pass all points of interest on Google Maps and then calculate times and distances, now there you are you have your itinerary ready! If  time wont allows it that you walk, you just get some Jump bikes that will get to the next point conveniently!

usa travel

usa travel

Travel Insurance!

In the case of the USA, travel insurance it is not obligatory, but it is something that is  good for you to have  especially on long journeys. Besides you will find it very useful to have travel insurance, once needed. Try a famous travel insurance company such as the Mondial assistance etc.


You’Re in the US, which means that everything  looks  and actually is more expensive! The same is true with the tips which  usually are not mentioned in the original prices at the menus nd many times its obligatory to leave tips. The percentages range between 10%, 15% etc. You should also know that tips are often collected for the wages of employees, especially in restaurants and cafés.


As we mentioned in the Practical guide of RoadTrip in California, check out US Mobile and place your order to havea  number and internet connection everywhere in the USA!

Renting a car!

For those of you wishing to rent a car to take a trip out of New York, choose a well-known company which usually lets you pick up-drop off at different places that are more convenient especially if you depart from a different airport than the one you landed at. Choose providers like Alamo car etc.

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