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A trip to Cuba is considered by many to be a life trip  in different terms for each one… For some its a about the “revolutionary” vibes,   while for others is about exotic paradise, salsa dancing, rum, cigars and joy.. To us Cuba is a unique place, which we hope wont loose its authentic beauty and innocence, although it needs to be improves as far as life quality is concerned, for the locals!

Here you will find all interesting and useful info about Cuba and your staying there before you embark on a trip to this special and colourful land!

A Few words about Cuba

Cuba or the Republic of Cuba to be more precise is an island state in the Caribbean, with the largest population in particular. It was Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and became a Spanish colony, where many slaves from Africa were transported. The decade of 60 was politically strong and eventually prevailed the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro, since then Cuba is a one-party socialist democracy.



Where do i go when in Cuba?

Cuba is a big Island with many beautiful places to visit and points of interest that are worthy of your time, it takes several days to wander all the sights. If There is a limitation in the days here are the 6 most important destinations that you should not miss, you will find them on our map by clicking here and these are:

  • Cuba’s capital Havana, of course! It is Considered the main attraction of Cuba and not unfairly. Unique Old Town, Amazing beach Front (Malecon) and fantastic squares.
  • Varadero (Varadero), a tourist destination for relaxation with the homonymous exotic beach. Going to Varadero You can also make a stop at the beautiful city of Matanzas (Matanzas).
  • The very beautiful Trinidad (Trinidad) with its quaint houses and alleys, a city known for the production of tobacco products.
  • The Historic Santa Clara (Santa Clara), the fifth largest city in Cuba with the mausoleum of Che Guevara.
  • The Shien Fugos (Cienfuegos), in other words a pearl of the south. It is a very beautiful city, which has joined the UNESCO list, as it is a typical example of Spanish urban architecture of the early 19th century.
  • The Cuban National Park Cienaga de Zapata, where you can see typical examples of tropical flora and fauna, as well as to experience the way the first inhabitants of the island lived before colonization.

Before Organizing your trip you can read our post about the10 things you need to do in Cuba, to get more ideas.



Where should I stay in Cuba?

While starting searching on the internet you may find it difficult to see the expected results! So read below the ē basic options you have when it comes to accommodation:

A very good solution that we strongly recommend is to stay in a casa particular. But What is a  Casa particular? Its a licalo house you offer you a room to stay in in very affordable price! It Stands out for the unique experience as you come in contact with locals, you can eat together, smoke and experience their everyday life and culture. We would also suggest you to book a Casa only as soon as you go there because it is much cheaper and it is fairly easy to find one.

You could also use a site like Cubacasa.Also In recent years there are houses available on the Airbnb platform.

In Cuba finally there are expensive and beautiful hotels at good prices regarding the services they offer,  you can discover them on search engines such as booking.

Where should I go fhor Cuban vibes?

In Cuba you will relaxing in Latin rhythms everywhere  and you will be able to dance salsa, Chacha, Reggaeton and Ruba… And If you don’t know how to dance all the above, it’s an ideal opportunity to learn now on Cuba! In Addition to the well-known shops like “La Bodeguida del Medio ” and the “Floridita ” in Havana (Hemingway’s haunts), you will discover picturesque cafes on the streets of the cities you will visit.

You will Also find many live performances of Latin bands with amazing music. You can enjoy tasty and cheap rum on one of their various squares, smoke authentic Cuban cigars and drink as many Mohitos and Pina Coladas you have not drunk in your whole life. After midnight you don’t have much choice since it’s not in their culture to go out late at night. You could go to one of the Casa de la Musica, which is loke a live music club, just ask the locals before you go to a one so that you wont be disappointed.



What should I eat in Cuba?

In Cuba you will find tasty food at very good prices, especially seafood and chicken. You will Also taste amazing tropical fruits and drink wonderful natural juices. Regarding he food keep in the back of your mind that because of the embargo and the existing restrictions there isnt any product variety (for example chocolate choices), but this will not stand in the way of your journey. The Street food on the streets of Havana is amazing and worth a try.

Tip: do not forget to eat fried bananas and churros (churros).

Transportation in Cuba?

Inside cities there is public transport which is worth using for the experience. Also you can bargain and rent taxis that are cars of the decade of 60, known as Matkina (Makina). Finally tourists are very popular to use for their travel coco taxi. Among The cities there are coaches at satisfactory prices. In Addition, you could hire local drivers for your transportation. They  can be found bargaining in front of the Capitol (El Capitolio) in Havana.  Finally, there are also car rental companies operating and found on Internet but its not consider as the cheapest option.

Is it safe to travel to Cuba?

For many different reasons, mainly political, the country is completely safe for tourists. You will Not feel anywhere  insecure and everyone is available to help you with sincere kindness.

Is there internet connection ini Cuba?

Generally the thing with the use of Internet is special and changes year after year. It is Certainly Limited in its use in relation to Europe. In your   accommodation, it is possible that you will have access, only at a low speed. Also free WiFi can be found at some public places but access is super slow.

“Pro tip… Get ready for rehab!

We trully believe that a trip to Cuba can change a lot the way you think of life…. If It is your dream do not delay it travellers.. Just relax and enjoy the trip! As  locals say in Cuba…Tranquilo…


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