by Dimosthenis

If you have decided to travel to Cuba all you have to do is try to enjoy your trip as much as possible, in this post you will read 10 must things to do while in Cuba!

1.Drink as many Mohitos and Pina Coladas you have never had in your life before because they are delightful, cheap, with great raw materials and visit the Havana Club Museum in Havana to learn how to make rum.

2.Give Havana some time, do not just aim to see the sights, relax and enjoy the… Hanging out at the squares like Plaza de la Catredal and Plaza Vieja and walk on their beach the famous Malecon, especially at sunset hours.

3.Stay in a casa particular not just for cost issues but to be able to get closer to the local culture. More details about Casa particular we have in our post about the trip to Cuba.



4. Go to other areas besides Havana, such as Trinidad and Cien Fuego. Other than the fact that you will be able to see their countryside, with the green meadows and the tropical vegetation you will be able to see picturesque and smaller than the capital cities whose beauty will enchant you.

5.If you stop at a sugarcane estate try some juice!

6.Do Not hesitate to eat from small shops and street food as the Cubans do. They are very, very tasty and relatively healthy.

7. Time for some Internet Rehab. Internet acess is relatively limited adjust your trip accordingly. Print all your travel documents and tickets and download offline maps such as GoogleMaps or

8. Visit live shows and enjoy Latin rhythms such as ruba, Salsa, Merenge and Raegetone vibes. If you don’t like these kinds of music, don’t discard them, maybe you ll change your mind and why not learn some dancing too…!!!

9.Use an old classic American car of the 60s for your transportation or more simply a makina. The embargo and the restrictions that prevailed for political reasons after the 1959 revolution resulted in all these old cars being used on a daily basis even today by the Cubans.  The sensation is unique.

10.Tranquilo… It’s something Cubans can teach you anywhere you go in their country. Don’t be nervous about anything that comes up… Just enjoy the rhythm of the island.

We Hope you will find our information about Cuba useful and we wish to see you again soon!



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