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Kalamata is a seaside city beneath mountain Taygetos! A city for the beauties of which we have written in our pevious blog post. Within almost walking distance from Kalamata you can discover wonderful places and beaches for daily getaways. In this post we would like to introduce you eight (8) locations of Western Messinia, which you can visit in the frame of one day excursions or more of course. We even have a map route made for you below! Read more to find it out!

Close to the village of Charavgi there is a small green place like a real paradise consisting of a cluster of lakes and waterfalls. Polylimnio is a pleasant destination suitable for easy hiking and a diving into the lake’s cold water. During your exploration you will pass a series of lakes such as the Italian’s, the Kadoula and the Kadi with amazing waterfalls and crystal clear waters.

TIP: It is advisable to wear sport shoes or mountain sandals.

Voidokilia Beach
The beach of Voidokilia is located near Pylos, next to the Gialova Lagoon, an important wetland of the area. The beach is characteristically beautiful with fine sand and shallow water.

Tips: Avoid afternoon hours because there are too many mosquitoes over there!

Pylos is a small seaside town, formerly known under the name Navarino, place of the homonymous naval battle that contributed to the liberating struggle of the Greeks. It is nice to take a walk in the square and why not have a cup of coffee at the port.

Methoni is a small village and a point of historical interest. It is built around the castle of Methoni which was built by the Venetians. There you can visit the castle and the Bourtzi Tower located south of the fortress. Also you can eat delicious fish on the beach in front of the castle.

Finikounda Beach
Next to the homonymous village there is the beach of Finikounda. It is quite large in size, shallow, sandy with blue waters. The area is famous for the numerous camsites!

TIP: If you like the organized camping (… or you can start by reading our blog posts about camping!!) You will find many reasons to stay in one of the many campsites of the area.

Tsapi Beach
Although in order to get to Tsapi beach you need to step away from the main provincial road, we feel it is worth it if you want to go to a pristine and quite beach. There you will find a small campsite and a tavern in case you want to rest and taste some greek food!

The town of Koroni extends around its castle which was built by the Venetians. It is very nice to go for a walk at the narrow alleys and at the port of Koroni.

Peroulia Beach (or Vounária)
Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches of Messinia. Access is not the best one, especially on high season, but we trully believe it’s worth it. It is shallow, sandy, without great shade (there are sunbeds) and the whole plave has a view of the Taygetos mountain.

For those of you who need even more inspiration before visiting Kalamata, read the 7 best things to do in Kalamata by All Ther Rooms!

It is certain that during your tour you can discover many other wonderful places for a swim, to enjoy the Messinian landscape, to taste some local delicacies or drink a fine cup of  coffee in front of the sea. We tried to highlight the most important points of interest for you. All the above are obnly a few of the places you can visit during a one day trip from Kalamata city!

Click on the map for the route!

Have fun and don’t forget

“To travel is to live”…!!

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