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One of the key questions concerning camping is “free or organized? ”

As we said in our previous post  about camping… It depends on the camper’s preferences, the equipment available, from the legal framework and other personal facts… But the most important thing is that any choice is not a one-way path!

We are camping enthusiasts, so as you can understand love both kinds of camping! What we will try is to do in this post is present to you the pros and cons of each way, so you can place yourselves on the basis of your answers and see what suits you most!

Organized camping – Pros

  • Cheap way of vacation (in relation to hotels).
  • There are reviews on the Internet about cleanliness, facilities etc.
  • You know what to expect.
  • You don’t need any special equipment.
  • High sense of security.
  • You don’t have to worry about food, breakfast, electricity, bathroom, facilities, etc.
  • Socializing with other camps.
  • It’s legal!
  • They are usually located at very beautiful beaches!
  • Greece is filled with wonderful campsites and glamping campsites recently, so all you have to do is discover them all!

Organized camping – Cons

  • There are rules (this can be also on the positive side…).
  • You coexist, sometimes, closely enough with others (several times we had to move our tent at 3 am due to snoring from adjacent scenes!).
  • If you do not choose suitable campsites, you may have unpleasant surprises (eg. very family friendly or very student, etc.).
  • There is no sense of absolute freedom and you are always watched by someone, the worst is the wristbands that you are forced to wear as a resident of the campsite (for safety of course so we are ok with this one!)!

Free Camping – Pros

  • Freedom!!!
  • Independence!
  • Closeness to nature (respectfully of course!
  • There’s no schedule, program etc.
  • Zero cost (excluding the equipment that is a one time investment and the eatables you choose to take with you).
  • You can discover real nature gems and enjoy them alone, feels like paradise!
  • Generally when you are free camper, you feel that you have been away for weeks from ordinary life, forget about time, day, obligations and enjoy only the present!

Free Camping – Cons

  • Limitations of legislation.
  • Negative attitude of local communities.
  • More equipment preparation needed.
  • It is not suitable for many days (unless you have suitable equipment).
  • Security (it has to do with the feeling of security…we never had a bad experience)
  • The recklessness of some free campers about taking care of the camp when leaving a place.

This was our pros and cons of organized and free camping, the conclusions are up to you!

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