by Olga
new york statue of liberty

We finally have our blog posts about our travel to New York ready, also known as Big Apple and as the city that became a symbol of the American dream, New York is certainly in  everyone’s bucket list! Home to the instantly recognisable Staute of Liberty, the Empire State builiding, Central park adn Times Square is the melting pot of the nation and one of the world’s most stimulating cities! A chaotic city of millions of people which evolved into a metropolis of all cities and nations, a city that never sleeps, with the glorious city center of Manhattan!

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Check out our map with all New York’s attractions and top things to do!

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Day 1 – Lower Manhattan

  • Ground zero
  • 9/11 Memorial – free entrance and open to public 7.30am – 9.30pm
  • World Trade center and Freedom tower
  • FDNY Memorial Wall
  • St Pauls chapel
  • NY City hall and Park & Foley square
  • Wall street & NY Federal hall
  • NY Stock exchange & Financial district
  • Charging Bull
  • Highline – perfect for a walk among the skyscrapers
  • Chelsea market – perfect for a lunch or a drink – look for  happy hours
  • Explore Greenwich village a beautiful district of Manhattan
  • For more touristic cliche look for Carry Bradshaw’s or Friends’ apartments
  • Head towards Washington square park and watch the locals passing by
  • Cross the Manhattan bridge
  • Archway under Manhattan bridge
  • Walk down the Pebble beach where you ll meet Jane s carousel
  • Enjoy sunset hours under the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan’s big lights
  • Walk Brooklyn bridge towards Mnahattan(30’ walking)
  • Have a drink at Soho
  • Enjoy  Times square by night

Day 2 – Midtown

Day 3- Upper West to east side Manhattan

  • Sunrise at Brooklyn Bridge
  • Take a big long walkt at  Central park
  • American museum of natural history (23 usd 10.00am – 17.45 pm begin exploring from up to downstairs)
  • Visit Harlem district
  • Shopping time! Get your tickets via groupon at 27 usd to visit Woodbury commons premium outlets (the normal price would be 40usd, you need an hour to get there and buses start from midtown Manhattan) or visit Century 21 in Lower Manhattan
  • East village or little Italy for some bar hopping

Day 4 – Battery park – Liberty statue – Ellis island

  • Battery park and cruise tickets info.
  • The Statue of Liberty is a universal symbol for freedom given to the United States on October 28, 1886 as a gift from the people of France. The statue was designed by Frederick Bartholdi, a French sculptor, and framed by Gustave Eiffel, the same gentleman who designed the Eiffel Tower. Today, the statue is visited by millions of people a year and continues to remain an icon for freedom as well as a welcoming symbol to immigrants arriving to America.
  • Ellis Island, also known as the ‘Island of Hope and Tears’, was the largest gateway for millions of immigrants looking for a new beginning and a new life for their families in America. Ellis Island was once America’s busiest immigration station that operated for over 62 years (1892 until 1954) and saw millions of people from around the world.Today, Ellis Island Immigration Museum Wall of Honor hosts 700,000 names inscribed on the wall of many who once passed through the island. Million of visitors travel to the island by Statue Cruises to explore one of America’s greatest historical sites. 
  • Late in the afternoon visit Flatiron and relax with a nice cup of coffee

Day 5

Today is your day! Once you’ve seen almost all the main sights, highlights and instagrammable spots of New York City now its time to experience New York in a more alternative way, read our blog post about a different idea of New York and get inspired… Choose areas that you liked the most and walk them again and again! Take a walk at the Hudson River Pier, start your day by running at your nearest park, observe the world, get lost among the locals and become a stranger among strangers, enter a museum that you did not get to enter earlier… Generally  speaking do something different than just being a typical tourist! Give New York the time it deserves… feel its vibes and fall in love with its alluring city lights!


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