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wadi rum desert jordan

Have you ever dreamed of a trip to the moon? Waking up in an extraordinary scenery, which can only be compared to Mars? Well, its your lucky day coz this place exists on earth and its not other than the Wadi Run, the iconic desert in Jordan.

Wadi Rum was the shooting place for the Hollywood movie, “The Martian“, and we guess you can see why it was chosen… also been the place for the “Lawrence of the Arabia” shooting!

A few words about Wadi rum

Wadi Rum is a great desert composed of red, yellow, orange and even white colour tones. Huge rocks and mounty surface can be found all over the protected area as well. The desert is located in south Jordan, only a few minutes away from Aqaba city!

T.E Lawrence of Arabia and S.F. Hussein based their headquarters at Wadi Rum desert during the Arab revolt  against the Ottoman in World war I. It also joined the UNESCO world heritage site list under both the natural and cultural significance categories!

The locals and authentic inhabitants of Wadi Rum are called Bedouins and they have an extremely interesting lifestyle which derives from ancient history of Jordan. They live in a small village while some of them own tents and camps for the visitors and travellers (find out more details below for cheap overnight and the most amazing way to experience Wadi rum).

wadi rum desert jordan

wadi rum desert jordan

Useful info before visiting Wadi Rum
  • To enter Wadi Rum area you must buy tickets at Visitors Center, which will cost you 5 jod per person.
  • To reach the tents you need some local guide to take you there (you can hire a 4×4 vehicle together with driver and/or guide), the tents are several kilometres away where you can not go by your own vehicle which has to be parked at the parking area just after you have passed  Visitors center.
  • The prices of the onsite bargain can be much higher than the other alternative which is to pre book prior arrival, of your staying and your touring, as we did.
  • Desert at night is quite cold so get suitable clothes either you are staying in a camp or under the stars!
  • Wadi Rum is a natural reserve so  dont expect any restaurants (there is one at the visitors center but its not inside the main desert area) just indulge your senses to local traditional food.
Activities and experiences in Wadi Rum
  1. Overnight in a Bedouin tent  (choose among a simple or a luxury tent or even sleep under the stars depending on your budget and mood).
  2. Try local traditional Bedouin food.
  3. Desert Safari jeep tour
  4. Endless hiking in a unique scenery with unlimited trails and choices to create the itinerary that suits you best (you can choose from half a day tour up to multiday staying which includes hiking every day and overnighting at different places in the desert, even in the white one, which needs more days to be explored than the red one).
  5. Ride on camels or horses (we did not tried it as you already know, but its up to you).
  6. Trekking in canyons and finding oasis.
  7. Sandboarding (cool, isnt it?)
  8. Walking tours
Our experience in Wadi Rum

To those of you who decide to explore Wadi rum we recommend our friend Salem, local Bedouin, raised in this unique desert, ready to show you around the most beautiful places of Wadi Rum!

Why Choose Salem
  1. Firstly, because he’s a local Bedouin, which means he knows the area better than anyone, and he owns tents, which also means that you book directly from him.
  2. Secondly, we have a personal experience that is totally positive and thus he is highly recommended by us.
  3. Last but not least because you can have the itinerary that suits you better. Just share your input info with Salem eg. traveling days, arrival time, number of travelers, budget etc. and he ll prepare the most exciting itinerary for you including the overnight staying at his camp!
Itinerary ideas in Wadi rum

The itineraries you could try are countless, so we just mention some of them and of course you can adapt them accordingly!

  • Experience Half day safari tour and a mini hiking (you can include walking tour, camel riding etc.)
  • Walking Tour in Desert (also can adapt any other activities you wish)
  • Experience One day safari tour and hiking trails (same here)
  • Experience multiday Safari Tours and hiking trails to white and red desert including overnight sleeping at different spots (this must be the ultimate experience while talking about deserts and its certainly an experience we ll come back again to join!)

Extra hint: in summer prices are lower!

wadi rum desert jordan

wadi rum desert jordan

Itinerary example of the sites you can ask Salem to plan for you

From Wadi Rum your guide will first go by jeep to visit Lawrence Spring. Then you will go to see the map then the sand dunes, a large area of sand dunes accumulating on the mountains. It’s fun to climb then race. You will have about half an hour in this area to climb and explore the sand dunes, and then you will go to see the ancient inscriptions. After seeing the inscriptions left by the old commercial caravans, you will travel to see the house of Lawrence and then you will go to see the famous mushroom stone, which is named because of the composition of natural rocks formed over many years and then we will stop for lunch after that you will go to the adventure of Mahama Canyon.

wadi rum desert jordan

wadi rum desert jordan

A self-guided trail will be dropped on one side and collected at the other end, followed by the Umm Fruth Bridge (about 20 meters high), one of the favorite crowds, allowing you to enjoy fun and fun. Then you will go to see the Little Rock Bridge and then you will go to see Mount Khazali Canyon, a tour between the walls of the valley decorated with ancient rock inscriptions and paintings by the Nabataean people and the Samoud where you can walk inside to see the inscriptions.

You end up in the camp, where you can enjoy the stunning sunsets. After sunset, you will enjoy a delicious Bedouin meal

The overnight stay in the desert

Your overnight stay is perfectly safe in a wonderful and incredibly peaceful part of the desert away from the whole world and other camp tents. The tents are comfortable, have beds and everything necessary to keep you warm during evening. There is a large tent overlooking the desert where you will enjoy your breakfast and dinner and of course communal toilets and showers. If you wish so, Salem can provide you with brand new sleeping bags as well.

Always keep in mind that we are talking about desert, so what is worth there is experiencing a real taste of the desert, beyond the ordinary!

Take a look at our photos, read our adventures in Jordan, get inspired and get ready! It is a very exciting and unforgettable experience and hiking  will make it even more adventurous. Prices are low, considering that staying at tents prices start at 10€!  Prices for the tour are very affordable as well regarding for what they offer and include!

Salem: My name is Salem. I was born in the desert. All my life, I grew up in the village of Wadi Rum and in the desert. The red and white sand dunes were my playground. I have been working in tourism since a very young age and I love my sharing what it is like to live in the desert. I always want tourists to feel home and to really experience the bedouin lifestyle. This is why I created wadi rum fun tours with the help of my bedouin family, to help you have a real and unforgettable experience in the Protected Wadi Rum desert of Jordan.

Contact Salem directly, mention NONSTOPTRAVELLERS and let him help you prepare properly or with us to give you some more inspiration about iconic Wadi Rum desert!

wadi rum

wadi rum


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