by Olga
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As genuine and fanatical campers we have decided to launch a series of posts about camping! Our love for freedom given by experiencing camping  can not be described!

But we will try though to give you some of our experience and maybe some of you are going to camp for your summer vacations or … the winter ones why not!

We will start from the very basics!

  • What is camping? It is a vacation ideal for two days gateaway but also for a long trip!
  • Is it directed only to “free” spirits; No! We overcome our taboos and we choose camping because we like it!
  • Do we choose to camp due to financial crisis; No! Trust us yu can either love camping or not! On the one hand, you can stay somewhere for free with just one sleeping bag to quite expensively when t comes to very well organized camps with expensive equipment and on the other hand because camping is a conscious choice that stems from us, from the need to return to nature and simplicity and is not imposed due to four inancials! Not to mention the issue of comparison between quality and price, for example, with roms to let which are ridiculously highly charged!
  • Is it suitable only for young people? No, the campers have no age!
  • Does camping appeals to a particular social background; No … stay tuned for a post about glamping for nature and luxury lovers!
  • Free or Organized; Hmm … depends on one’s preferences, the equipment he has, the legal framework and much more … we will analyze this next time!

Make your first experience easy and short – two days, one night – and slowly build your love for camping. If you think you may like backpacking, try daily hikes first. If you want to spend time in the water, rent a canoe for an afternoon. Combine your stay with other activities so you do not fall straight into the deep!

In our next posts we will analyze:

The equipment you will need when camping and from where we buy it, prices etc!

  • How do we find and choose camps!
  • Do we choose free camping?
  • What other activities do we combine with our camping stay!
  • What do we do all day at camping?
  • Why do we choose camping?
  • What equipmentdo we get with us?
  • What do we wear?
  • What do we eat?
  • What do we do when it rains?
  • How do we prepare and maintain our equipment?

Oh, and remember to leave camping and any other places you visit clear like when you found them. Respect nature guys!!! If we do it all, camping will be more enjoyable for all of us!

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