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nonstoptravellers greece


Greek islands, summer, holidays… Three little words, that bring spontaneously to our minds sweet memories! A whitewashed alley, a colourful flowerpot, a blooming flower corner, a local old man telling you a story, blue tablecloths on modest tables in the middle of a square and endless blue scenery, are just a few of those characteristic images that we all love and can’t wait to see more in summer months!
nonstoptravellers greece

nonstoptravellers greece

Aegean Islands are characterized by incredible diversity, able to satisfy all types of travelers! There are islands like the romantic Santorini, which is now one of the top destinations in the whole world! Along with Santorini, there are plenty of islands to discover such as scenic Folegandros and Milos the island with the unique natural beauty. There are islands such as Crete which is a real travel gem for Greece and Greek tourism, with natural landscapes under the protection of UNESCO, seas, gorges and warm people, Crete is one of the blessed places for sure! For more cosmopolitan vibes, islands like Mykonos and Ios are amongst travellers’  top choices! Islands such as those of the Eastern Aegean, like Limnos or Chios, are perfect mainly for family vacations as they are still quite and pure enough! The list  goes on with some more alternative islands like Samothrace, Anafi, Ikaria, Kalymnos, Koufonisia and Nisyros, all being little travel surprises waiting to be unrevealed! Last but not least the nearby islets of both Argosaronic gulf and Cyclades, due to the proximity to the port of Piraeus are ideal for fast track escapes and not only!
Islands with incredible beaches, natural wealth, hiking trails, diving spots, rich history, traditional Greek food and anything else one can ask for a complete experience and travel adventure! This is the first reason why you should visit Greece, travellers!

Despite the many many differences amongst those islands mentioned above its hard to visit only one single island to satisfy sumer vibes, and thats why we recommend island hopping in the Aegean islands! So get yourself together, pack a few light clothes and explore the different options regarding island hopping, depending on your mood and time.

Mini Island hopping
The easiest and cheapest choice especially for those of you who don’t have a lot of time is to join a mini cruise to our beloved one, Gulf of Argosaronic. Visit even in a day both Aegina, Hydra and Poros. There are several travel agencies now offering a one day excursion at a very good price. For those of you who have three-days at your disposal we suggest that you leave at least one night on each island and include in your travel path Agkistri! Each Islet has its own unique beauty and particularity, colourful alleys, roads without cars, unique varieties of nuts and ice-cream flavors, hiking trails, tavernas, historical monuments, organized camping and of course theres no reason to envy the blue waters of the Aegean sea!
Mainstream Island hopping

Theres actually no enough words to describe the beautiness of the mainland of the Aegean sea… talking about Cyclades can last for about forever… Finally travellers now have the chance to choose between several ferry connections and can enjoy many islands on a single trip! Choose between Cyclades and Dodecanese, while for those of you who want more adventurous scens you will find itineraries that combine a mainstream island with Crete, for example! You can find plenty of itineraries and cruises that can be ideal options for those of you that you do not have the time to organize the trip by their own. There are options that acan also take you to the coast of Turkey. Try various combinations, from cosmopolitan Mykonos and romantic Santorini to authentic Crete and islands of eastern Aegean, all in one trip! Actually, there is no rule just indulge yourself to the magic!

Alternative island hopping

Board on a ship at the port of Piraeus and plan your trip onboard. Does that sound crazy? It might be a little crazy, but you can dare it! Starting from Athens and having a station at one of the Cyclades islands, such as the beautiful Folegandros or Sikinos you will find yourself in the romantic Santorini for a stroll in the sunset and the next day leave your senses to the most alternative Anafi, the Gibraltar of the Aegean! Continue the journey to the particular island of Ikaria and find yourself in the Dodecanese. Leros, Kalymnos and Nisyros should not be missing from your list since they combine natural and cultural beauty, activities such as climbing and diving and unique landscapes such as the volcano crater in Nisyros! For the most powerful travelers, an intresting choice would be the route Piraeus-Limnos-Samothrace. The itineraries are changing every year, but there are certainly so many different options that allow you to plan routes beyond the classics. Besides, Greece has more than 110 inhabited islands waiting to be discovered!

Fun fact: Did You know that Greece has over 6000 islands and rocky islets?

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