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Although generally we do not like using clichés when it comes to travelling and we believe that all trips can be made by any kind of traveler, we tried to find some travel destinations that are ideal for every type of couples! The choice of the destinations below is too difficult and, of course, travel concepts are countless, but you can definetely get some ideas for your next trip with your mate and why not, feel free to suggest you travel tips to us!

Our travel suggestions for couples travel are published by Glow magazine and we present them to you as they are posted!

The travel destinations we recommend:

Our inspiration is endless, but we  chose some of the best travel destinations for couples of every type of travelers!

  • On top of all couple travelling is no other than Paris. Paris is ideal for first time travellers especially for couples and a trip to historic districts of the city of lights seems perfect if you’re still in honey moon phase!
  • Bali on the other hand, perfectly suited to lovers of exotic beauty and offers a unique experience amidst the lush jungle!
  • Then, Cappadocia it is… Cappadocia is indicated for … love birds, followers of the aesthetics of the Orient. Romantic balloon ride is once-in-a-lifetime experience!
  • Certainly, we must not forget California, for authentic road-trippers and a life journey that combines national parks, nature and cities all in one great trip!
  • We couldnt miss mentioning Alsace in France, at the borders with Germany make it perfect for wine tasting, for grape enthusiasts or for those who just want to enjoy a tour in picturesque hamlets with enchanting décor and medieval beauty!
  • Amazing Iceland is the must for nature lovers and for those who dream to live the experience of the northern lights of Aurora!
  • To continue with we ll propose Cambodia for adventurous backpackers exploring available religious monuments and temples lost in jungles, for exotic fruits and a chance to meet one of the kindest people in the world!
  • Of course Singapore is an incredible destination for the lovers of urban tourism and modern Futuristic architecture.
  • Last but not leat…Jaipur in India for the admirers of the Pink City, of tour palaces of Eastern flavours and tastes and for the big bargainers who will enjoy negotiating at authentic bazaars!

Did you like our trips’ recommendation? Have you been in one of these trips? What will be your next ones? We hope you found the travel proposals interesting and you found the style that suits you and your partner best!

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