by Dimosthenis

India is a country synonymous with exotic and mysterious, a travelling destination that must be oncluded in everyones buckets lists! Huge mountains, forests, jungles, deserts, tropical beaches, valleys, river, rich artistic heritage, spiritual wealth, majestic temples, languages, colors, amazing markets, street vendors, beggars, smells, tastes, sounds, cows, bicycles, crowds, customs and traditions preserved for thousands of years, compose a vast country of ancient history…

Let’s look through my quick recommendation list for a great trip in north India!

  1. Do visit Delhi (old and new one), Jaipur, Agra (if visiting  when fool moon try spending some night time at Taj Mahal) and Varanasi.
  2. Do spent a day on the Delhi streets to find out the real India (a took took ride will cost you only 20-40 rupees).
  3. Do try spiritual tour in Varanasi and a boat ride at river Ganges.
  4. Do have some yoga exercise.
  5. Do travel via train (will you?).
  6. Do try a cyclo or took took or rigshaw ride.
  7. Do bargain like an Indian (at least 50-80% of the initial price).
  8. Do try Indian species and Indian cooking (the non spicy version… is still as spicy as it gets).
  9. Do take a towel, some hankies, hygiene hand gel etc.
  10. Do take  some basic medicine with you, probiotics, electrolytes (just in case) and ask for vaccinationa before going.
  11. Do take some disposable socks (for the temples).
  12. Do wear a money belt.
  13. Do print or download your e-tickets or you wont get into the airport.
  14. Do stay well hydrated.

On the other hand…

  1. Do not take too much clothes with you.
  2. Do not try any street food.
  3. Do not brush your teeth with tap water.
  4. Do not go out after dark (especially if woman).
  5. Do not panic due to chaos because simply its everywhere.
  6. Do not get surprised by the spitting, the littering and trash.
  7. Do not drink alcohol in public.
  8. Do not overeat.

Traveling to India does not look like any other trip. Each station is also a dive into a distant past, but also an opportunity to explore a country of the future…

Open your mind and heart and enjoy this extraordinary travelling experience!

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