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India travel taj mahal itinerary

Traveling to India is a life journey that looks like no other! It’s the land of contrasts and multi-culture!

It is not just simple country, but a continent with a unique variety of languages, customs, climate, terrain and of course people. India is a unique and special country that can give travellers unique experiences that they won’t meet anywhere else in the world! Travelers visiting India are either quite tough and know what to expect or just curious to get to know this country of colors of flavors and of many religions!

Whatever we could describe to you about India it still wont be enough and the only way to find out is to live it yourself!  This country has many faces and it is difficult not to succumb to discovering them yourself! A country with unbelievable inequalities, rich  and poverty! However, India is a country that will remain in our memory and certainly after our travel experience we have turned into people, different, better…

india taj mahal travel traveling

india taj mahal travel traveling


A few issues with the stomach are expected to occur but do not intimidate this! Obtain the necessary medicines and vitamins according to the travel medicine instructions and you will be OK! Do not expect high levels in the issues of hygiene… So get your own wipes and disinfecting liquids. Read our other post about India and our advice for aspiring visitors! Be prepared!

Time of Visit?

India has a total of 3 seasons: The warm, the wet and the winter with spring to hot days in the south and cooler in the north. For us most areas, from November to February are the best months. We visited India the month of February and it was like spring or early autumn! T-shirts and a cardigan for the evening hours!


In a country such as India it’s hard to tell you a price for every traveler, as prices range from incredibly low levels to the highest you can imagine! We are, perhaps, somewhere between the low and the high budget level, so cost depends on your needs and preferences, and you need to classify yourselves! In general, living in India is too cheap for Western people! You can stay in incredible hotels at very low prices up to the cheapest hostel starting at 2 dollars! Just get your credit cards and a little cash and you’re OK!

The weather…?

Wet and hot, smelly with spicy smells and aromas!


Don’t forget to issue your travel visa on time!

india taj mahal travel traveling

india taj mahal travel traveling


Generally while we westerners… fear India… for some inexplicable reason… India is a very safe country and there is no reason to fear of the different! If you avoid going around on the road late hours as you would do at any other trip of yours, you have nothing to fear, meet locals and learn their customs, they may even call you for a lunch in their own home, do not be afraid, they mean it!

Indian people?

Indian people are always smiling! Pleasant, cheerful, eager to help you and get to know you! You will see enough of them asking for selfies etc… They don’t often see white peopleafter all, and think that you look just as curious to them as they do to you!

Holi Festival

The most famous festival in India is Holi a celebration that looks like our colour day! Splashed with paint and colours!

Tip, don’t take a camera, just enjoy it!

india taj mahal travel traveling color day holi festival

india taj mahal travel traveling color day holi festival


The choices when talking about such a huge country are limitless! Visit our blog post to learn details and all the options that we recommend to you!! We travelled to Golden Triangle and Varanasi and we highly recommend this trip! Especially Varanasi is a must!!!  Just ask us and we will help you! 


The main landing airport is that of New Delhi, attention because we are talking about one of the largest airports in the world! It is busy and you have to make sure you have plenty of time to board on time! From the same airport think about combining a trip to Nepal for example.


Metro, Cyclo or rigsaw (tricycle bike), Local buses (DARE IT!!!!), plane, train, car rental (not recommended) and of course private driver! We tried everything but driving ourselves and believe us all means of transport is a great experience itself! For trains don’t forget to book tickets up to 3 months in advance! Airline we chose was Jetairways because of the positive feedback we read Online and we can say that it was a flight like any other!

Closing words…

Describing only in a few blog lines this vast country is not easy at all, we would like to keep on readers’-potential travellers’s minds the image of an ancient civilization, a culture filled with contrasts, colors and aromas! India is closer than you imagine, what remains is only the decision to travel!

We are here to help you, open your wings and meet the land of 1.5 billion people! Just feel free to ask!

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