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hydra greece island

Are you travelling in Greece and staying for a few days in Athens? If the answer is yes, then we have the best proposal for a short one day getaway from Athens, while exploring three wonderful islands of Saronic gulf without having to pay a fortune!!

Our proposal? One day cruise to Saronic Gulf (Hydra, Poros, Aegina islands)! We chose the travel agency Signature travel for the tickets and we can say with absolute certainty that it is the best value for money gateaway from Athens! We have written about our love for the islands of Argosaronikos Gulf  in a previous post and there’s no doubt that this one-day cruise to three of these picteresque islands is something we seek to do every year!

signature travel greece nonstoptravellers

signature travel greece nonstoptravellers

The one-day program includes:

  • Check in until 8.00 in the morning at Marina Flisvos (before departuring take a photo of the battleship Averof)!
  • 3 Stops at three islands of the Saronic Gulf, Hydra (2 hours), Poros (1 hour) and Aegina (2 hours)!
  • Food on board at an amazing buffet!
  • Aboard entertainment with music and dancing depending on each day’s program!
  • Return until 20.00 in the afternoon at Flisvos Marina!
  • Tickets from Signature travel agency
hydra greece island

hydra greece island

First stop: Hydra island

Hydra is the island of captains, history and artists while it is considered to be more cosmopolitan than the other ones, personally speaking it is our favorite island! We love it for its picturesqueness and its trademark the beautiful cute little donkeys that welcome you at the port! How did we pass our time there? In the two hours we had at our disposal we started our tour at Hydroneta! Favorite spot for diving into the blue sea and take some unique photos! We had a cup coffee at the cafe Papagalosa and then we headed to the colourful port and got lost in the beautiful narrow valleys of the island. Somewhere between the straits we met some more donkeys, the historical pharmacy that has its origins in 1890 and the bakery of the port where you can find great pastries! In the port we do not missed to visit the shop of Elena Votsi, who designed the Olympic medal of 2004, from where we bought some souvenirs! Finally, we passed a quick visit to the Historic Museum of Hydra and we relaxed to enjoy the view from the monument of Andreas Miaoulis!

nonstoptravellers greek travel bloggers

hydra nonstoptravellers

Second stop: Poros

Poros is a quiet island, peaceful, without strange exaggerations, ideal for the most romantic ones! We love it for its neoclassical clock that dominates the rock at Chora and stands out from the very first moment the boat enters the bay and of course for its green color as it is an island full of pines and trees. How did we pass our time there? In about one hour we had the opportunity to take a romantic walk through the beautiful narrow streets of Chora, to take some photos at the squares of Iroon (Heroes), Karamanou and Koryzi and to enjoy greek mezes with tsipouro (trust us and order these!) in front of the incredible sea view!



Third stop: Aegina

Aegina island, was the first capital of Greece (after the Revolution of 1821) and we love it for its history, the fresh fish and of course the “fruit” of the island which are the yummy pistachios. How did we pass our time there? In Aegina we were able to stay for two hours so as the boat arrived, we disembarked and ran for a swim in Avra beach (the closest one)! Then we started a walk in the beloved narrow valleys! Colorful streets, blooming flowers, hospitable locals are just a few of the elements of the beautiful Aegina that make us visit it every year! Arriving at the Metropolis church of the island we returned from the port side this time so that we could enjoy both the boats from the one side of the street and the horse wagons as well on the other! Before our final departure we did not missed to try ice cream with flavor of what else? Pistachios! Wonderful and refreshing!

hydra greece island

hydra greece island

At around 20.00 in the afternoon…

The one-day getaway to the Saronic Gulf has comes to an end, the staff of the ship greeted us with smiles and kindness and we returned home from a day full of dreamy images with a feeling that we had just returned from a whole week excursion! We highly recommend the one-day cruise with Signature travel, and even though we travel as a couple, we have to admit that this excursion is very family friendly, i.e. ideal for families who travel with children!

For more information about the excursion program and the price you can visit the site of Signature Travel at the following links:

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