by Olga

Krakow is one of the cities that  surprised us more than other mainstream travelling  choices in Europe! And the surprise was only for the best! It’s a fairy tale town … an old town, castles and stories with dragons …

The reason for our trip there was on the one hand, our travel curiosity and on the other hand a friend who was on an erasmus programm there and showed  us some “pictures” from the colored alleys! In our article we will try in a few lines to convey the magic of the city so that it will be one of ypur next travel choices if you have not already visited it !!!

Walking to the old town of Krakow

Walking along the Florianska Street from the main square you will find the unique piece of the retained wall, the gate and the round Barbikan fortress. It is worth a walk in Planty Park which ends up in the castle. During your walk you will find two buildings with red brick and many emblems, belong to the Jagellonian University, which is one of the most important and oldest in Poland (Copernicus  also studied there!). Try to see them inside. After crossing the old town you will find yourself in front of the Wawel Castle. Stroll through the inner courtyard overlooking the Vistula River. Inside the castle there are two museums in the cathedral and royal apartments. Then enjoy a walk alongside Vistula under the castle, amidst lush green streets. Somewhere there you will meet the dragon that blows flames every 10 minutes – because we are also tourists after all!

Following the Swietego Jana Street from the square, at the first vertical, Tomasza on the right is a very nice cafeteria and drink for just a few zloty (try to go to one of the cabarets in the area and do not be afraid to enter the basement! ). One of our favorite drinks shops is the Wotka Café. Small and very nice, ask for suggestions of vodka with flavors !!! Also try nice hot wine in almost all the bars. Generally, Krakow has a lot of nightlife with lots of mouth-watering bars, fine music and young people going around all the alleys!

Former Jewish District

In this area, explore the streets, find synagogues, cafés, bars, restaurants (super prices and good quality in traditional dishes) and even Jewish cemeteries. Plac Nowy is the central square of this neighborhood with a circular building in the middle, this square was part of trade and trade, but now sells the local ìbromo�sapiçonki. All the shops are atmospherically polarized and with candles, giving even more magic to your experiences there! At Meiselsa there is a very nice bar with a broken clock from outside and in many frames with old family photos. Right across from there is a courtyard-pass-shop, there are shooting there from the Sidler List. Cross it! Finally, the Szeroka road is full of Jewish restaurants !!


For your stay in Krakow we would suggest you stay as close as possible to the old town (if not in). Prices are very affordable!

Visit to History – Auschwitz

One of the places that travellers to Krakow are visiting is Auschwitz. You will need to spend a whole day, but it may be worth doing this “journey” to modern history.

More tips & hints:

  • If you need to get a tram, keep in mind that you are taking tickets in the tram only with fine and in the old tram ticket office has only the first wagon.
  • Museum for the history of Poland before, during and after the second world is the Sindlers Factory.
  • The central square of the old town has been built over the old (due to demolished and a number of problems had to change its level) and in recent years it has been operating underground museum that shows how it was It is interesting! You enter the building through the middle of the central Sukiennice square, in the outer shops you will find tourist information about the tickets.
  • Find out the story of Tropmerer! From the highest tower of the Church on the central square, you will hear a trumpet sound, and it is Tropmerer who performs four times a melody to the four points of the horizon! Beware … the melody suddenly shuts off because. . . (mystery)!
  • The old city is surrounded by a green planty, in which the wall of the city of Krakow originally existed.
  • In most of the great monuments there is somewhere around a mockup that helps one’s perception of where it is (look for the sides).
  • Be attentive to lanterns and pedestrians, here is Europe! The pedestrians have priority where there  does not exist a traffic light.
  • In Polish cuisine, you should try pirogue, schnitzel, goulash soup in bread and various sweet stuff from the many bakeries!
  • Free walking tours: We love them, we love them & we always try them! Try one on the first day you have to browse!

Hope you enjoyed out travelling tips, stay tuned for more travel posts!

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