by Dimosthenis

Chania is a coastal town of northwestern Crete island and one of its most important ports. An endless list of monuments and sights that leave no one unmotivated … The great “difficulty” that Chania presents is that one can not easily decide where to go and what will leave “out” – for the next travelling visit of course!

A small tour – The old town of Chania

Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Venetians, Turks passed Chania before you, creating this multicultural corner of Crete. Discover its secrets step by step. Every strain and surprise, every walk and experience. Walk to the harbor, the Venetian lighthouse of the harbor, the renbovated Megalo Arsenali, the mosque of Kuchuk Hassan Bey or Yali Jamişi, the municipal gardens, the maritime museum, the botanic park & gardens, the rocky monastery of akrotiri peninsula, Koum Kapi, and Halepa district with the neoclassical buildings that housed the Consulates of the Great Powers in the Cretan State.

Only by travelling to Chania you will – can understand why the Cretan cuisine has conquered the world sooo fast! In seafood taverns and racks, in cafes with history and famous public, the delicacy of all Crete will parade on your table. For tasting on … another level, try gourmet restaurants, where chefs have gone traditional cuisine forward, winning “Golden Scoops” and other distinctions. Enjoy local recipes of Crete such as cigarettes, bouzouki, kalitsounia, pilafi, dakos, but also excellent meat on the grill.

Beaches – attractions

Exotic beaches just 10 minutes outside of Chania, Agia Marina, Platanias, Stalos. Beaches with crystal clear green-blue waters offer moments of exhilaration: sunbeds, bars, hotels, taverns.

Falasarna and Balos, white sand on the feet, turquoise waters, sunset-magic. Endless beauty within three kilometers of one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, north of which lies the ancient Falassarna. Feel also heavenly at the lagoon of Balos, with the most photographed beach of Crete. Relax in the shallow green and turquoise waters, observe the sand with the pink shades of the millions of broken shells. Opposite, the two islets, Gramvousa and Agria Gramvousa, form a protective ring.

Also dont forget to visit Elafonnisi beach! The colors here are amazing – the sand takes on pink hues in certain light as it is made up of tiny pieces of shells and coral, and the sea is turquoise-blue.

One of the most impressive landscapes of Chania is the Seitan limania (Seitan Ports). Sea strips penetrate between steep rocky coasts creating small coves, one of which is a well-hidden beach. Personally i loved it the most!

Hiking Samaria gorge is a must do experience while visiting Chania! The gorge of Samaria, an unforgettable experience in Crete just a few kilometers outside Chania. The Samaria Gorge – also known as “Faraggas” – gives you an unforgettable experience. It is the largest and most famous gorge of Crete.

So go ahead traveller! Chania is waiting for you!

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