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In only one phrase we would call it the new absolute low budget city break destination with a scent of historic and hipster mood!

Today we have a surprise destination for you! A destination that will definitely go up in the next few years due to tourism, a place that is a perfect city break, a lowl budget one, ideal for both short getaways and long adventures on the ski slopes or on mountain trails.

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Thermal baths in Tbilisi

It is all about Georgia, Tbilisi, which is also its capital city. But let’s get to know Georgia a little better through some interesting facts:

  • And lets start with the name! We call the people of Georgia, Georgians, “Workers of the Earth “, they call themselves Sakartveli and the rest of the World Gurtjistan which means wolves. The legend has it that the name Georgia has been given by the Greeks as we are talking about a nation who is more than capable with farming!
  • The country declared independence from Soviet Union in 1991 9th of April.
  • The official currency is the GEL with the Lari subdivision and exchange rate with the Euro is 1 to  3 approx.
  • The old capital of Georgia was the Mtskheta which is now under the protection of UNESCO as well as many monuments of the country.
  • The country is in dispute with Russia because of the territories of Aphazia and Ossetia, in case some of you are interested in learning more…
  • The country is famous for its good tasty wine and is known for its special wine that matures in pots.
  • Also it is a rising winter destination because of the Snowy Mountains, the low budget resorts, the trails  of the nature and the hot baths!
  • In summer Georgia is transformed into a well known tourist resort as well with the seaside Batoumi.
  • The river Kura or Mtkvari that permeates the city, also crosses Turkey and Azerbaijan.
  • Before its christianisation Georgia had pagans (visit the Uplistsikhe Caves and meet myths about Pagan gods, Berikan Pagan ceremony).

Tastes from Georgia

For Georgian food we can talk for hours, its really tasty! Briefly we recommend you to try:

  • Khachapuri Pie
  • Ajarian Khachapuri Pie which has been awarded as Number 1 by the world-renowned culinary magazine
  • Lahmajoun
  • Natakhtari Beer
  • Churchkhela
  • Wine
  • Chacha drink 55 degrees of alcohol
  • Khinkali Kalakuri

The highlights of the city

  • Freedom Square
  • Bridge of Peace
  • Metekhi Temple (12th century)
  • Anchiskhati Church
  • Mtatsminda or David Mountain
  • Hot baths
  • St. George’s Church (Kashveti Church)
  • Tbilisi Sulfuric Baths
  • The Government House
  • Tbilisi Botanical Garden
  • The cable car Narikala Fortress
  • Sioni or Zion Cathedra
  • Mother of Georgia
  • The clock on Shavteli Street where every day at 12.00 and 19.00 a pleasant melody is heard and called The circle of life
  • The old walls
  • The old town, totally hipster!
  • Armenian TV producer
  • Statue Tamada Sufra Proffessor the wise banker with the horn in the hand who announced the toasts.

Practical issues

SIM card for your smartphone can be found  free with very cheap Internet cost at the airport just before your exit. Wifi  is everywhere and it is  for free!
Currency exchange can be found in many central locations.
The museums are closed on Mondays.
There is a mall where you can do some shopping! There is also a bazaar which is more easily accessible (flea market)!


Transportation from the airport of Kutaisi  to Tbilisi is really easy as Georgian Bus buses departing according to your flights. Tickets can be purchased on Internet or just before leaving the airport.  In the city we were by feet, actually we did 50 miles in less than 2.3 days! The city is pleasantly walked has comfortable sidewalks, underground and aboveground crossings in which all… All drivers stop for the pedestrians! There are taxis, just download the application Yandex (uber-type) those of you who intend to use them and finally there are the yellow buses starting from the central square of freedom!

Nearby Adventures

  • Ski (two ski resorre)
  • Trekking (Summer months)
  • Uplistsikhe Cave Town
  • Stalin Museum
  • Gori Fortress
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
  • Mtskheta
  • Jvari Monastery
  • Svetitskhoveli Monastery
  • Samtavro Monastery
  • Bebris Fortress (The Elder’s Fortress)

We recommend on the first day a Free walking tour with Giorgi! He will show you the whole city and  it is  far most the best Walking tour we have ever tried and trust us we have  joined a lot of tours so many years of travelling. On the same afternoon, a cable car ride can be experienced.
On the Second day an excursion to monuments located outside of Tbilisi is a must. Information can be found here.
On day three… for ski lovers, skiing! For lovers of hiking, hiking! For lovers of relaxation, warm baths!

Suggestions for exit and food

Drink (all Hipster places so if you are not fun of it you will not like them)

  • Warsawa
  • Art Cafe
  • Moulin Electrique


  • 21
  • Khinkali House
  • Meama


  • Art Cafe
  • Moulin Electrique

Budget per person for three days
Airtickets with Wizzair €30
Hotel “Good ” €50 the three-day
Transportation to and from airport €12
Food €10 in a good restaurant with beer and salad
Beer €1.5
Pies 1-3 € (from the shops that buy the locals are under €1)
Sweet delicacies locally made with Muto and walnuts €0.60
Coffee 0.30-1.30 € (in the local shops more economical)
One day excursion outside Tbilisi €20
Free walking tour as you wish, eg. 10 €
Cable Car €1.30
Souvenirs €5 (eg. 10 magnets)
About €160 per person, the weekend!

We hope you enjoyed our post and visit Georgia soon!

Modloba means thanks!

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