by Dimosthenis

If you are wondering how do we travel long haul flights… relax and read our post of tips for healthy traveling! Its not magic, its just simple ideas and exercises you can take while aboard! Lets take a look!

1.  Shoulder rotation

Raise your shoulders up and rotate them back to front several times, repeat several times and then rotate front to back!

2. Neck roll

Drop your chin to your chest slowly and carefully rotate head clock wise several times, stop and repeat counter clockwise!

3. Ankle rotation

Lift one foot slightly off floor leeping leg stationary. Make several small circular motions and repeat with other foot!

4. Finger – toe stretch

Clench fingers inward toward palms, then stretch outward! Repeat several times and try the same with your toes!

5. Foot flex

With the heels on floor lift toes upward as far as possible. Hold for several seconds and then relax!

6. Heel lift

Lift one heel as high as posible while keeping toes on floor then relax heel to floor! Repeat while alternating right and left heel!

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