by Olga
Xanthi travel Ξάνθη καρναβάλι γιορτές παλιάς πολης

Xanthi is a city full of folklore tradition! It is my (Olga) beloved hometown! The old town of Xanthi  is a true gem with all those the paved alleys and the architectural blend of traditional houses supported by wood or old brick merchant mansions. Xanthi is also known as the city of the thousands colors and the lady of the Thrace and became well known worldwide due to its famous tobacco!

Downtown tour

Among the old tradition, the modern city spots where the youth and not only gathers, the muslim area, next to the river Kosinthos and the Democritus University, there are plenty of rides for walks. Xanthi is a city, the buildings of which still testify its past.

You  can start your walk from the central square with the old clock: you will discover the Municipal Market, the neighborhood with the impressive complex of smokestacks that was made by craftsmen from Epirus and Macedonia, and the multicultural open market set up in a parking area in the city center.

Monastery of Panagia Archangeliotissa. Folklore Museum, Municipal art gallery, museum of natural history, Archaeological Museum of Avdira, Macedonian tomb Kalyves castle makes your visit more adventurous!

Visit also

The surrounding area is ideal for natural breakthroughs: from the Nestos River to the Rodopi mountain range, which is separated in the middle from the valley of Ehinos, to the west lies the dense forest of Drymos (Haidou) and to the east the Pomakochoria (villages of muslims of Trace).

Lake Vistonida, Porto Lagos, Stavroupoli, Avdira (hometown on Democritus), Leivaditis, Exinos

Xanthi travel Ξάνθη καρναβάλι γιορτές παλιάς πολης

Xanthi travel Ξάνθη καρναβάλι γιορτές παλιάς πολης


The Xanthi Carnival, the Thracian Folk festival, in February, is one of the most famous, colorful and festive events in Greece.

If you want to combine your trip with excursions to Nestos river and Rodopi mountain, prefer the spring, the summer and the autumn.

The Old Town Festival of Xanthi is the second great institution in Xanthi after the Thracian Folk Festival. It was organized for the first time in 1991 and since then it taking place every year in the first week of September. During this week in the the so-called “Old Town”, the streets are full of the cultural and carnival clubs which offer food, drink and great music. Dont miss it!

Local cuisine

Local cuisine reflects the cultural mosaic of Xanthi (Greeks, Turks, Pomaks, Roma, Asia Minorities, Armenians, Pontians, Cappadocians). Kebabs of all kinds, pumpkins with spices, lamb with yufkades (long noodles) etc. Famous for its sweets too, from chocolate kariocas, nugas, authentic oriental pastries full of fresh butter and soujuk loukoum will please your senses!

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