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A trip to Israel is a journey that has something special. Regardless of the religion in which you believe or from the country you are coming or even whether you are a believer or not, as a traveler in Israel you will find yourself in a country of great contrasts, of many religions, of high technological advances and not only and a bit of controversial in many ways. A country that is synonymous to the Holy Land of the believers of Christianity and one of the top countries for religious tourism.

From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and even beyond, the emotions and images are alternating and vary a lot. Through this post we want to help and inspire every traveler who wishes to travel to Israel to do it right away and we do not intend to comment in anyways the situation regarding the Palaistine.



Our travel schedule in general (For detailed information please visit our detailed posts)

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, a modern city with great technological achievements and high growth rates when it come s to economy terms, is a seaside town with its skyscrapers, modern areas for young people and a glimpse of the old town located at the old port. A beautiful city full of wonderful graffiti, countless shops, cafes and bars, with bicycles and electric skates and a well-groomed beach that fits perfectly in the urban profile of the city while respecting pedestrians, tourists and our little friends, pets. More information about Tel Aviv, places to eat and drink and points of interest can be found in our detailed post about Tel Aviv!

israel jerusalem

israel jerusalem


Jerusalem is a city that is on the east side of Israel. It’s considered to be… The Mecca of Christianity! The Holy land for Christian believers! There lies the most important “symbol ” of Christianity, the Church of Holy Sepulcher. In the same city, however, there is a plethora of both Christian symbols of faith (Orthodox, Coptic and Catholic), Jewish and Islamic. All located at four quarters inside the old city of Jerusalem. That’s exactly what made us a positive impression in this place. The peaceful coexistence of so many heterogeneous elements of religious (generally of course the region has gone through a lot of conflicts). Visit our post about  Jerusalem to find out everything you need to know before your travel there.

bethlehem palestine

bethlehem palestine


Bethlehem is a small town located only 15 minutes from Jerusalem by car. It is known all over the world because it is the place where Jesus Christ was born at the Church of Nativity. Of course it has too many points of interest amd the most interesting fact is perhaps that Bethlehem is located in Palestinian territories… Crossing the borders of Palestine with a passport, of course, you enter another world and you cannot keep away any emotions when you see the wall that is built along the Palestinian territories by Israel. Read more in our post about Palestine and Bethlehem and the comments are all yours.

Masada Ein Gedi and Dead Sea
A one day excursion to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes we have ever seen! Check out our adventures in the area and find out how you can easily move there with Touristisrael.


Jericho is also a city located on Palestinian territory. It is the oldest and lowest city in the world and its history begins in biblical times! There you can ascend to the mount of temptation via a telepherique (Jericho cable car, prebook your tickets coz its cgeaper). You can visit the cave swhere Christ lived for 40 days and nights. Enjoy the views.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, this extraordinary sea with the unbelievably salty water 24% more than the sea water, attracts millions of travelers. You’ve all seen the effects of awesome buoyancy and tourist photos floating comfortable on it! You’ve also all seen the smattering with mud! More information about the visit to the Dead Sea can be found in our relevant post.

Our itinerary in Israel

Day 1 – Jerusalem

Day 2 – Bethlehem – Jericho – Qumran-Galilee

6:00 Jerusalem-Bethlehem 30 minutes

6:30 Bethlehem (Palestine) – 1 hour there

  • Church of the Cave of the Nativity
  • Infant Cave (Herod)
  • Shepherds Village
  • Bethlehem-Qumran 1.30 Time – 1 hour there

7:30 Bethlehem-9:00 Jericho 1.30 time (lowest and oldest city in the world) 1.30 time there

  • Cable car 16 Jericho cable cars to temptation mount-View Momonastery Deir al Kntl
  • Hishams Palace

10.30 Jericho-12.30 Galilean – North Israel – Nazareth 2.3 Road (Palestinian road check)

30 Nazareth (Church of the Annunciation 20 minutes-12:50 departure
13:00 1 hour food Nazareth Mahroum (Knafe Sweets) – Alsheik (Eat) 14:00 departure
14:35-in the Desert Saints caves 20 minutes there 14:55 departure
15:40-Ascent Mount Tabor (Monastery on Mount) 20 minutes there 16:00 departure
16:50-Cana (Monastery of St. George)

17:30 Kapernaum (Capernaum Synagogue-Holy Apostles Monastery – Jesus healed the paralyzed) 15 minutes 17:45 Departure
Tiveriada (lake-Boat)-Lake Gennesaret Sea Gennesaret (we see it as we go Capernaum) departure
17:45 return Jerusalem 2.30 hours Road-20:15

3rd day Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea by Touristisrael

  • Read our detailed itinerary with Touristisrael 59 euro
  • Masada 18.5 Euro
  • Eni Gedi 7 Euro
  • Dead Sea (included in 59 Euro Kalia beach entrance 8 Euro with umbrella and shower (get a newspaper for photography)

Day 4, Tel Aviv

  • Avenue Rosfield-Nachlat pedestrian street or bike
  • Carmel Market
  • Jaffa Old Town-old Port
  • Nevé Jedek
  • Check out the amazing bars in the area
israel masada

israel masada

Trip map courtesy of Wanderlog, a road trip planner on iOS and Android

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