by Dimosthenis
dead sea

What about Dead Sea? Where is it located? Why is it so famous? What can you do there and how can you get there?

The Dead Sea first of all is very very salty, its salt exceeds 24% of the salt of a normal sea. With this level of salt, therefore, it is particularly difficult for organisms and plants to survive over there. Other than that there are some further interesting facts about Dead sea! Lets find them out!

dead sea

dead sea

The Dead Sea:

  • It’s a lake.
  • Its the lowest place on earth.
  • It is Surrounded by Israel, Jordan and Palestine.
  • It Is a natural border between Israel and Jordan.
  • It has 24-30% more salt than the Mediterranean sea.
  • Its width is relatively small, so from one bank you can see the borders of the country beyond.
  • Each year it is reduced by 1 metre.
  • Because of the salt presents great buoyancy that keeps the body high on its surface.
  • It’s full of black mud, perfect for a mud bath!
  • It Has private beaches with showers, changing rooms, food and drinks and you pay an entrance of about €8 to enter the facilities.
  • There are points that you can approach byyourself the sea but they are not easily accessible.
  • From the side of Israel just drive along the banks and as soon as you find a local taking his bath, park your car and take a bath. On the Jordan side find the correct coordinates that will lead you to the sea and enjoy your bath byyourself.
  • On summer months it gets especially warm and therefore it is not so enjoyable.
  • If you visit it by yourself take with you plenty of water because… theres so much salt that you ll get to pain without washing your body after taking a bath.
  • The taste it… cannot be described, but its aweful!
  • Two are the must do for those who visit the Dead sea. One is to take a picture while floating and holding a newspaper. And the second one is to enjoy a mud-bath! Dont forget to bring your swimming suit and a towel!

You Reach the banks of the Dead Sea either by car or by an organized tour like the one we chose, Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea by Touristisrael! On the Israeli side, right on the last turn before the beach you will see an entire village full of abandoned buildings which are full of creative graffiti. It Is an old army camp which has been transformed into a unique space of expression and creation.

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