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Jerusalem, is located about 133 kilometres away from Tel Aviv, it is the center of the holy sites for the believers of Christianity. It was a very pleasant surprise for us as the Old town is a real masterpiece, which is really great, it is guarded by well-preserved walls and there are four districts that coexist inside the walls the Christian quarter, the Jewish quarter, the Islamic and the Armenian! Read our article with basic info about your visit and top thing to do in Jerusalem!

Visa for Israel

The visa to enter and stay in Israel comes out as soon as you arrive at the airport. Beware only because the passport is not stamped but they give you a paper instead which you should not miss especially if you are going to enter Palestine territories.

jerusalem israel

jerusalem israel

How to get from Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport to Jerusalem

The first option is to take the 485 bus outside the airport. The bus is located on the Platform 3 on the 2nd floor at gate 23 and takes about 50 minutes to reach Jerusalem. It makes around six stops so check out the one that suits you best.

The second one is by train, the new fast train of Israel which in just 20 minutes will reach you to Jerusalem. At the airport, search the counter in green colour, take out a RAV Kav card and scroll quickly and easily.

From Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport take the bus from 220 Jaffa Street-16ils

How to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem bus 480, 405

Things to do and see in Jerusalem


  • Christian Quarter
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Islamic District
  • Armenian Quarter
jerusalem israel

jerusalem israel

Via Dolorosa

After the many cultural changes that took place in the area over the centuries, 14 stops of Christ Golgotha were established:

  1. Praetorium. The place of the death sentence of Jesus.
  2. Praetorium. Jesus receives the cross.
  3. Corner of El Ouad Street the first fall of Jesus due to the weight of the cross.
  4. Armenian Catholic Chapel. According to the folklore tradition, the meeting of Jesus and his mother was held there.
  5. House of Simon of Cyrenaean. The Roman soldiers are on the job to carry the cross for a few meters
  6. The house of Veroniki. According to legend (The Veil of Veronica), Saint Veronica wipes with her veil the face of Jesus and is depicted in it miraculous the image of his face.
  7. Gate of conviction in the Latin chapel where the second fall of Jesus took place.
  8. Jesus meets and comforts the daughters of Jerusalem entering the Church of Resurrection where the third fall of Jesus was held.
  9. East of the Holy Court
  10. Chapel of Armenians and Syrians, where Jesus is stripped to begin the process of crucifixion.
  11. Golgotha outside the chapel of the Latin Calvary
  12. Golgotha outside the chapel of the Greek Orthodox
  13. Point where Jesus was taken off the cross.
  14. Holy Tomb

Shopping – markets

  • Yeluda
  • Old city markets
  • AD Dabbagha Market
  • Beit Habad Streets
  • The three markets
  • Signs of an interesting
jerusalem israel

jerusalem israel

Places of interest

  • Alexander Nevskjy church
  • Arch of The Virgin Mary
  • Armenian monastery
  • Christ Church
  • Church of the holy Sepulchre
  • Church of the redeemer
  • Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate
  • Greek Catholin Patriarchate
  • Room of the last Supper
  • St James cathedral
  • The Greek orthodox patriarchate
  • Via dolorosa
  • Kings David tomb
  • The western wall
  • The temple mount – All Haram Al sharif
  • Al Aqsa mosque
  • Dome of the rock
  • Tower of David museum
  • Yad Vasem museum

Watch our video to have an idea about Jerusalem!


  • Golden Gate
  • Damascus Gate
  • Dung Gate
  • Herods Gate
  • Jaffa Gate
  • Lions Gate
  • New Gate
  • Zion Gate
jerusalem israel

jerusalem israel

Food-coffee-night life

For food, its all about falafel of course! You will find it everywhere fried in large cauldrons with colorful vegetables waiting to be served along with the falafel. The prices are a bit pinched but they will leave you satisfied.

For breakfast try either the sweet yellow fluffy buns that you will find by street vendors being sold or visit the wonderful bakery we discovered in the Islamic quarter. Just take the road to Herods gate! The owner is really amazing and will be happy to introduce to you all the staff! Try the ones with the baked meat or cheese.

Coffee we tried only in the Islamic quarter, Arabic  coffee, tastes a lot like the greek one but much more aromatic!

For your nightlife escapes we suggest you go to the Yeluda market! A whole market is transformed into cool bars, and anything you like from food and drinks or for dessert! Crowded and full of great graffiti, we personally liked it very much and it is worth to visit it a least once in the late evening.


Staying in Jerusalem can be rather expensive. We recommend trying a hostel located outside the old town and close to the Yeluda market. The rooms are maily mixed dorms! Make the best choice for you by clicking here

How safe is to travel to Israel

You may wonder if it is safe to travel to Israel. Israel, however it sounds, can be said to be the safest city in the world. A trully moerdm city, full of technology and equiped with camera systems everywhere while is being policed from soldiers all over the streets. Do not forget that a hitch can happen everywhere and it is not an absolute feature of certain cities. As we have said before, we need to respect the local habits and religions and you will be fine (e.g. in the wall of tears if you find yourself on a Friday afternoon when Sabbath starts, photos are prohibited!). Just enjoy your stay, be careful and dont trying anything stupid!

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