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On most of us when we think of Israel, spontaneously our mind goes to Jerusalem and the Holy land. But What about the economic and technological  capital of Israel that is no more than the cosmopolitan city of the Mediterranean Tel Aviv! Tel Aviv is the city of revelation! Modern, vivid city with obvious signs of recovery and technological superiority and quite controversial as well! We would characterize it as a colourful metropolis with a European disposition and a 24 hour life! The New York Times call it ‘ Mediterranean Capital of Cool ‘ and not unfairly!



How to reach Tel Aviv from Ben Gurion Airport

The shuttle bus transfer service from Ben Guron to Tel Aviv and back is one of the most convenient and cheapest ways to reach from the airport to the city. From the airport to Tel Aviv buses run from $19 per person each way. The shuttle service is available 24/7 free of charge, so travellers can choose a time of pick-up that relates to their time of arrival, i.e. less waiting time at the airport. More information can be found here!

Israel’s railways connect all trains to Israel with Ben Gurryon Airport (Terminal 3) and trains have frequent connections to Tel Aviv from Ben Guron Airport, however, you should know that the stations in Tel Aviv Is on the edge of town and a bus/taxi is required to reach almost all hotels unless you walk! We chose train to go from Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion Airport and bus from the airport to Jerusalem.

tel aviv israel

tel aviv israel

Everything you need to see in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a pedestrian friendly city, so first we suggest you try a walking tour! The points of interest are:

  • Clock Tower
  • Old Jaffa
  • Old Port
  • Andromedas Rock
  • Flea Market
  • Suzzanne Delal Center
  • Beach
  • Neve Tzedek
  • White City (Bauhaus architecture)
  • St Peters Church
  • Rithschild Blvd
  • Carmel Market
  • Dizengoff Square
  • Habima Square
  • Tel Aviv Museum
tel aviv israel old jaffa

tel aviv israel old jaffa

What to do in Tel Aviv

Bike or electric scooter on the beach!

How Safe is to travel to Tel Aviv?

As safe and dangerous as any other trip! If you are particularly concerned about safety issues, we would advise you to go to places where you will feel even placebelly more comfortable! On the other hand see it as a challenge! But Do not forget that these issues are many times real only in our minds and of course there is life in these cities too, people who live their daily lives as you do in your own country! Israel has a lot of police and army in the streets and is considered to be a rather safe country to visit on the basis of security systems.

tel aviv israel

tel aviv israel

Accommodation-Where to stay in Tel Aviv

Israel in general is an expensive city! So the accommodation will cost you something morethan the usual! We chose the hostel Florentine backpackers and we were very happy about it! We Had the chance on our excursion to Masada with Touristisrael to meet two travellers from Greece with whom by chance we stayed at the same hostel and we met better, the one of them Cali can be met on her bike somewhere in the world cycling!


For The food choice we will suggest you what we said in our post about Jerusalem. We ate like thousands falafels and a lot of hummus! The Best falafel we found accompanied by 2 salads is here!

For your nightlife exit you have many choices since the whole city center has fantastic bars! In General Tel Aviv is a very lively city, has many young people on the streets, is very gay friendly and generally very advanced with the positive point of view!  Follow the streets Yizkhak Yediya Frenkel and Nahalat Binyamin Streer and you will find many interesting bars for all tastes!

tel aviv israel

tel aviv israel

And four things for the end…
  • One element that may surprise you is that you will see all over the city women soldiers, as army is obligatory for everyone!
  • Download the Gett application to have it in case you need to move and send the link to friends to get 5 free routes!
  • One of the characteristics of the city is that it is full of graffiti, something that gives it special character and color!
  • Finally, do not forget to go to the old Jaffa and find the spot with panoramic views across the beach of Tel Aviv!

For your trip to Tel Aviv we will not recommend any special program as you can actually find all the above attractions on foot. It is Also a city where you will go for a weekend and not for some special historical background etc. So you don’t need a program! We warn You that the distances are really long and you will need enough time to reach from one area to another!

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