by Olga

What we love in Athens is that it never stops surprising you!

It always hides a gem and awaits you to discover it! Something like that happende to us while walking in our favorite athens city center! We discoverd a little travel bookstore, a little gem, just a few meters from Ermou street! It is the travel bookstore “ANAVASI – MAPS” located in the center of Athens, in one of its most crowded neighborhoods!

The publishing – cartographic company Anavasi was created in 1997 by people with deep knowledge of the Greek countryside. Their aim is to provide the travelers, the hikers and the designers of Greece the best possible material both in terms of quality and reliability! The Anavasimaps Bookstore has a rich database of cartographic data and a long-lasting experience in mapping and designing all kinds of thematic maps, specializing in inland and island hiking maps because of the great love of the people behind this beautiful corner of the center for climbing.

Apart from maps, printed and digital (download pdf maps is a free app, available on iTunes and the Play Store), and travel guides at Anavasimaps bookstore you will find, or better you will discover, a lot of great gifts to give to your beloved ones! Gifts of any kind that go beyond classics and are useful gadgets for travel, short escapes, hikes and much more! Let’s take a quick first look for your  next travel gift ideas!

  • In recent years, Anavasimaps publishing has opened wings in a new field, the albums of the series “Like the Seagull Flies,” with aerial photographs that give a comprehensive geographic and visual depiction of each region they are dealing with.
  • Earth globes! Our cherished globes can decorate every home library and not only! In Ascension you will find globe spheres of all kinds, hanging ones, origami, puzzles, lighting globes, office globes and everything else you can imagine!
  • Children’s books for our little friends with hidden treasures, ancient gods, Greek mythology and many more.
  • Atlas road and touring.
  • Wall and office maps and of course the favorite scratch world map to “scratch” the trips you’ve already done!
  • The enormous variety of bookstores has also a splendid puzzle, travel cups, compasses, compact travel bags, travel guides in all sizes and so many other qute things you cant even imagine!

With such a variety and so many travel gift ideas, you must know that you will lose the sense of time in this travel  bookstore! The Anavasimaps bookstore is a small gem in the city center of Athens, as we have said, however, it challenges you to discover its shelves (even on the second floor …!) all these magic travel gadgets which will take off your travel experiences !!!

With our favorite bookstore we started a wonderful collaboration to get to know it better, to give you great presents and to invite you to visit it when it happens you ti be at the center! For more information, visit the Anavasimaps site or social media at the links below!

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