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monument valley

Let’s talk about monuments… not the human made ones, but the naturals! Monument Valley in Navajo land is located in Utah and Arizona States and its is the biggest natural monument in US! This is the land of dreams, of culture and nature and deserves to be experienced! We only had one day in Monument Valley so after waking up at this extraordinary scenery where the glittering golden light reflects on the rocks, we headed to the meeting point where the Monument Valley Safari tour starts!

Monument Valley Safari tour

We joined s Scenic and Cultural Safari Guided off road adventure tour for 2,5 hours and 28 miles! The Safari was rather than rewarding since we got the chance to explore almost the whole region of picturesque Monument Valley even the restricted area of Old country where normally no tourists are allowed on their own!

The scenery is made of untouched desert landscapes of Lower Monument Valley, gorgeous arches and spires accompanied with breathtaking red and orange colors and sights, avid hikers and you ll definitely love it from the very first moment of the tour!

Our tour guide Bobby helped us gain insight into the region from the perspective of someone whose ancestors have inhabited it for generations!

The Safaris highlights

Journey through the restricted region of Lower Monument Valley discovering for yourself the untouched splendor of Navajo Land. Traverse the desert landscape visiting the world’s largest Elephant Butte, and the Three Sisters spires at John Ford’s Point. Later, divert into the back country and see up close the valley’s famous Big Chief Monument, and Sleeping Dragon Rock. Further into the restricted area venture underneath Sun’s Eye arch, the valley’s second largest arch and find some of the valley’s oldest Anasazi ruins, petroglyphs, and pictographs. Hike the sand dunes at Ear of the Wind arch and walk inside the Big Hogan; Monument Valley’s largest amphitheatre.

Book your tour with Monument Valley Safari

Whether you want to explore the ruins or capture stunning photographs of the desert landscape, the tours of Monument Valley Safari will take you into the heart of what makes this region unique. Book your tour and experience the beautiful outdoors at Monument Valley!

More tours

We had the chance to join the 2,5 hours Safari but those of you who can stay for a bit longer at Monument Valley Safari can also look through other tour options and choose between:

Monument Valley

Taking place in the gorgeous, untouched region of the Lower Monument Valley, this tour offers our guests unparalleled views of the area’s striking arches, towering spires, and richly-colored landscape. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, this is a great way to experience the desert by exploring its beauty in our open-air vehicles.

Mystery Valley

This aptly-named region of Arizona is the home to winding canyons, giant arches, and ancient ruins. The Mystery Valley tour is perfect for those with an interest in Arizona history and Native American culture, as it provides the rare opportunity to learn about and admire first-hand the relics ancient civilizations left behind.

Hunts Mesa

Those seeking a true adventure in the desert need look no further than the Hunts Mesa tour. Go off-roading in one of theis modified Suburbans to experience the breathtaking views and storied history of some of the state’s most memorable terrain. Photographers and campers will especially appreciate the access to rarely seen natural sites and landscapes unique to the Arizona desert.


Relax under a thick blanket of stars with one of our Starlight tours. Our guests are swept away from the lights and bustle of town to experience the night sky in a way few modern people still can. Unwind as thousands of stars twinkle overhead while we help you take note of the constellations in a setting out of a stargazer’s dream.

Full Moon

Once a month, Monument Valley is lit up by the soft glow of the full moon. On this night, the always-beautiful landscape becomes a picturesque and otherworldly dreamland, and the team is proud to offer tourists the opportunity to experience the area in a unique and deeply memorable way.

Combination Safaris

The Combination Safaris give you the opportunity to travel through multiple parts of this breathtaking region without the need for multiple tours. You’ll have the chance to explore Monument Valley, Mystery Valley, and Tear Drop Arch while benefiting from the experience of one of their knowledgeable Navajo tour guides.

The whole Safari experience was truly amazing since its operated by a family whose roots run deep in Arizona’s Navajo Land! The owners of Monument Valley Safari have been exploring, learning about, and experiencing Northern Arizona’s natural landscape across multiple generations. Moreover, as members of the Native American Navajo tribe, their daily lives and cultures are greatly shaped by the environment of Monument Valley, so you can ask any questions and learn about native stories and history!

We d love to thank this amazing team of beautiful people and nature enthusiasts, who made our experience last forever! We sincerely emerged  into the pure nature of Monument Valley and totally recommend it to anyone who is visiting Monument Valley!

*The tour was complimentary by Monument Valley Safari to us but all opinions expressed above remain our own and are based on our personal experience!

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