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What does roadtrip mean to you? To us, Road trips are about  adventure, freedom, romance, pictures, experiences, learning and of course meeting great people! So keeping this in mind, this how we organised our unforgettable road trip!

  • 12 Days
  • 4 States of America
  • 2,497 miles-4,018 km
  • Over 16 cities
  • Wildlife
  • Priceless value!

At the beginning of each trip, we have a plan based on which we want to move, but the magic of the journey in fact, leads you to change a lot in the plan, such as visiting other places, picking another route and so forth.The US has thousands of unique places, wild endless nature and multiculturalism… So today we ll present our itinerary for you to get ideas, while those who want a more detailed with miles, time etc. you can read the detailed one blog post !

nonstoptravellers artists pallete death valley

nonstoptravellers artists pallete death valley

The journey in a few lines

  1. Los Angeles – Uber LA City Ride-Ride proper Sightseeing (hop on-off bus)-Santa Monica-The Bike Center Santa Monica
  2. Los Angeles-Universal Studios-Malibu-San Simeon-Karmel
  3. Karmel-Silicon Valley-San Francisco
  4. San Francisco-Uber SF City Ride-Jump bikes at Golden Gate Bridge
  5. San Francisco-Dylan’s Tous (The original City Loop on Electric bikes)-Wine country-Mendocino Country-Redwood Valley-Fair Oaks
  6. Wine Country-Mendocino Country-Redwood Valley-Fair Oaks
  7. Fair Oaks-Sacramento-Amador City-Sutter Creek-Columbia State Park-Sonora-Jamestown
  8. Yosemite National Park (Tunnel View-Bridalveil Fall viewing Point-El Capitan Meadow-Lower Yosemite Fall Vista Point-Mirror Lake)-Tuolumne Grove Trailhead-Olmsted Point-Whoa Nellie Deli-Mono Lake-South Tufa Area-Mammoth Lakes
  9. Devil’s Postpile National Monument-Bishop-Lone Pine-Death Valley national Park (Devils Golf Course, Badwater Basin, Artist’s Palette, Zabriskie Point)-Las Vegas
  10. Las Vegas-Route 66 California Highway-Hooover Dam-Grand Canyon-Grand Canyon Village and Navajo Point-Page
  11. Horseshoe Bend-Antelope Canyon-Gooseneck’s State Park-Glen Canyon Dam Overlook-Mexican Hat-Monument Valley
  12. Monument Valley-Camping at Monument Valley-Monument Valley Safari (2.5 hours Tour)-Las Vegas

Last but not least there was a small pop up in Miami as well, but this is a whole different story!!

Planning of the trip

In general, a roadtrip in a country that is known to be a rather expensive destination, requires good planning! We have planned  a survival guide for you, so that you can be properly prepared  before you travel and nothing can take you by surprise. See our guide here! The truth is we spent countless hours to plan all the routes, points of interest etc… Tired enough but we certainly built it with love from scratch! Enjoy it and we ‘re looking  forward to receiving your feedback!

nonstoptravellers goosenecks state park

nonstoptravellers goosenecks state park


When roadtripping you must rent a car prior your arrival! We did so and rented one, although we initially  wanted to rent a mini campervan or something like that, but unfortunately the cost was not that affordable! To prove my point the car costs 20 $ per day (240 $/12 days) while the campervan over $1,000 without any sheets… Its your choice of course!

For our transporttaion in the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami, we’ve only used Uber, the ridesharing company, for easy, fast, secure, reliable and affordable transportation!  We’ve already had Uber app on our mobile phones (to download you can click here for Google Play or App Store),Athens we avoid using our car because we choose the convenience of  an Uber, so there was no doubt we were going to use it in US as well! In US (and the whole world actually!) those of you who have already been there know that, Uber is the most widespread way of travelling in cities, commuting to and from work, it is also affordable especially if you use the carpool service, and it is the reason why that traffic in downtown San Francisco city can not be compared to that of Athens  city (believe it or not!!!)! We ourselves did use Uber app for one more reason, as we were able to enjoy the city views through Uber car during our journeys, gaining more images and memories!

In addition, while travelling in US, you will have the opportunity to experience new cultures and habits that we d love to see in Europe and why not in Greece too such as electric Jump bikes, that one should definitely try them!


The food, is the great chapter of every trip! Unfortunately, in the effort not to exceed our budget but also for practical reasons, since in many isolated areas (eg. Death Valley, page etc.) the food options were limited, our daily menu included some donuts, Juice, water and cereal bars at $50 (for the whole trip)  for breakfast, 6 burgers of $1 a day for lunch and 4 coffees of $1 per day bought from a famous chain of fast food meals! In total 50 + 120 = 170 $ Not the best in dietary terms, but that’s how we get to travel a lot!!!

nonstoptravellers horseshoe bend

nonstoptravellers horseshoe bend


Cheap USA motels for your road trip can be friendly to your wallet, providing you also with a comfy bed to rest in after a long day in your car. Our stays therefore relied on such motels during the roadtrip. Some of them were quite decent,  while others were quite aweful, but all ranging from 70 $-$150 per night. The worst one was definitely the one we stayed in Hollywood, but we were staying right at the Walk of fame street! There is a plethora of motels in USA. Some of them are independent, while others are part of motel chains that operate across the country.

Ready for take off?

So did you like our itinerary? Are you going to give it a try or you already have booked your tickets? Don’t forget that the most important part before going on a trip,is to have a good plan so that you can see as many places as you can , or if something goes wrong, to have alternatives! Feel free to consult the survival guide we prepared for you, check out our useful blog posts and our tips for all the experiences we’ve tried! Get ready for taking off!

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