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budapest travel

Are you planning to travel to Budapest or have already booked a three-day trip in this beautiful European city? That’s great news, cause today we have prepared a mini city guide with some amazing highlights for you as they appeared on Trip Advisor’s users’ top ratings! Budapest is a favourite European destination, “easy ” to navigate, “easy” to organize, cheap enough in terms of both air tickets and in accommodation and in general Budapest is an ideal destination for short getaways with typical European city breeze with its neoclassical buildings and aromatic ovens! Below you will find some suggested basic attractions and things to do!

budapest travel

budapest travel

So… to begin with  we suggest that you start your city break with a walking tour (on first or second day of your traveling), It’s for free, it needs pre-reservation and you have to leave tips only as long as you enjoyed the tour! We always choose to attend a free walking tour when we visit European countries, usually even on the first day of our arrival and you can also try some other paid tours on the next days of your stay too. The rule is simple, join the tour, if you like it, leave some good tips and join other tours of the company of your  choice!

budapest travel

budapest travel

Things to see:

  • Parliament
  • Danube Palace
  • St Stephen’s Basilica
  • Heroes’ square
  • Shoes on the Danube Bank
  • Gellert spa (thermal spa)
  • Liberty Statue

Things to do:

  • Get lost in city’s alleys and enjoy the European breeze
  • Walk along Dunabe river and get amazed by the neo gothic Parliament building
  • Join a bike tour to experience the city like a local
  • Tast local flavours (Try gulash guys!!!)
  • Indulge yourself at one of the many thermal spas
  • Enjoy a floklore performance

Booking – use our discount code

budapest travel

budapest travel

These were briefly our proposals based on the top user ratings in Trip advisor, to choose from! So the lucky ones of you who have already booked your tickets, start your trip by joining a walking tour, visit half of the sights and some of the suggested activities, in the evening relax while enjoying a good wine and tasting local flavors. The next day book an extra tour or choose to have a spa in the thermal baths. Then visit other attractions and in the evening try some Hungarian restaurant or a one with performance and traditional folklore music!

Extra idea!
Next time we’re thinking about taking a roadtrip between Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna! What do you think?


*all photos are freely downloaded from pixabay cause unfortunately some years ago we didnt have any equipment or camera with us during our trips 

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