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universal studios la

One of the first things that comes to our minds when we talk about the USA, is definitely Hollywood! All of us pretty much have seen and loved Hollywood movie productions, series and tv shows! A huge film industry, countless stars, great ammount of money, glory and scandals and awards are only few of the elements that make up what we call the Hollywood movie industry!

And where exactly are all these productions filmed? At huge and expensive installations and facilities, one of which, probably the most famous, are the Universal Studios!

Universal Studios are located in Los Angeles and cover an incredibly large area! Its almost as large as a city we would say! In this “city” of Universal studios, old-historical production studios as well as sets of famous films and of course the Universal Studios Park where you can spend moments of relaxation and joyfull memories!

One day at Universal Studios

Basic rule number one! Start your day early! Especially if you only have a few hours at your disposal to spend at Universal studios, like us! Be at the entrance at 8.30, where there is already a long visitors’ queue!

For those of you who arrive by vehicle, you have to pay for the parking zone you choose, the closer the more expensive of course and then you have walk to the entrance!

For those who will arrive by Metro there is a free shuttle bus that takes you to the entrance!

It is understood that you must have purchased your tickets in advance according to the ticket you choose and have them printed! We chose the  One day general admission tickets which is the most common amongst travellers and personally we think it is not worthy to spend more if travelling without kids and costs 109 USD! We were looking for some experience of course but didnt have great expectations! Finally this feeling of ours was right! Dont expect too much! Its an amusement park perfect for kids and for all of you who have a playfull mood!

We also suggest if you are visiting Universal stuidios withfriends to split before the entrance into those who will wait at the main entrance and those who will wait at the tickets booths. Sometimes they open both entrances and it can get annoying having to fight with other people in order to survive!

Study the map before entering so that you ll know in advance where to run in case you are in a hurry!

Of course we were in a hurry  to join the classic tour that tends to get pretty kitschy nowadays. The tours lasts 60 minutes and for those of us who had only 4 hours to spend at Universal Studios it is important to join the first ride of the tour!

Apart from the classic tour, families usually run in to get in line for the train! In the beautiful and thematic village you can stroll, train, taste delicacies and experience some of the magic of Harry Potter, even entering small shops that take you to fairytale movie scenes, all accompanied by the corresponding music sounds!

universal studios

universal studios

In general there are many activities you can try-enjoy:

In addition, you can pop in food, juices, ice creams, chocolates, watch movies, meet heroes from movies and experience scenes action! More generally, those who visit the Universal Studios with children will surely need a whole day to wander around!

For the rest, half a day is enough! Also take into consideration that the longer you stay in there the more you get to spend!

The main Highlight of Universal Studios for us was the Universal Studios sign which is located at the entrance  before the red carpet! The navigation is easy you will not confused but do not forget to take a picture before you go in because the exit does not take you back to that point! Don’t miss it!

This was just a glimse of the adventurous world of Universal Studios we hope to have brought you some of the magic vibes of the park always within reasonable thoughts and without any exaggerations!

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