by Olga
skg thessaloniki θεσσαλονικη

Going to Thessaloniki as a student, as a visitor, as a passerby, the only sure thing is that you will return to taste some of the magic that gave you! And what do we mean by magic? A city that combines and offers you generous places, activities, attractions and the relaxed Thessalonikiwtiko way of life you will definitely love.

1.Accessibility: Always talking about the center you need nothing but a pair of sneakers and in one day you’ve been all over town. If you are, of course, a fan of cycling, you can rent a bike and enjoy your walk on the beach. If you’re tired again, we have a solution. The bus line 50 takes you to a quick tour of the city’s attractions with brief stops and information.

2. Multiculturalism: Undoubtedly one of the European capitals of Erasmus with a strong youthful character, and attracts people of all ages from all over the world who choose to stay in one of the hospitable hostels of the city. The long history engraved in the corners of the city (eg port, Jewish community, etc) is waiting for you to discover it.

3.Sights: From the White Tower to the Yedi Koules (castles) in Ano Polis, you will surely want to make some stops in museums such as archaeological, Byzantine, Macedonian history, Hebrew, folklore, cinema, contemporary art, and Monuments such as Arch of Galerius (the famous Kamara), Rotunda, Roman market, covered market.

4.Alternative Entertainment: In Thessaloniki you can enjoy any form of entertainment. From the favorite Rempetadika, Ouzo and the famous Ladadika to the festival of film, music, photography and countless clubs to choose from. You can also board a pirate ship and go around the beach sipping your coffee or drink, while the street musicians give a melodic touch to the streets of the city.

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