by Olga
miami beach florida

Destination Miami… only by its name you can imagine that it is a seaside place, full of relaxation, with music sounds everywhere, extra warm and sunny! And so…yes it is! Thats Miami…all the above at the same time  (and certainly a lot more than these…)

First it is a city of the United States of America located on its east coast! It is a big city with high buildings and impersonal streets! But it also has a vast sandy beach that you have definitely seen in some Hollywood series with the well-known colorful houses of the lifeguards and warm people (especially in the Cuban quarter)!

Arriving at the airport do not hesitate to ask for information (especially if you are transit travelers as we were). Beware of the visa, of course, we have already had a visa on the way back from California, so we came out of the airport easily and returned without a hitch. To move to the city centre if you are not in a hurry, follow the pink lines on the floor of the airport and you will be directed to automatic ticketing machines and immediately to the docks. In less than half an hour you will be at the famous Miami Beach!

Miami Beach
Miami beach!!! It is a lovely wide beach, it has a lot of people jogging and exercising (even if it was only 7 a.m. Saturday.. ), playing volleyball in one of the many beach volley courts, under the sounds of huge stereo! Perfect!

After walking along the beach, you can eat some breakfast in one of the restaurants that you will find along the beach, but get ready for high prices (we got two sandwiches from a mini market for $10 per one!) and for smelling some real huge cigars… you will find yourself in front of famous buildings like the Colony Hotel and the South Beach where movies like the  Scarface were filmed.

Then head towards the end of the beach, the heat there can be really exhausting and tiring because of the humidity so especially if you plan to see the whole of Miami in a day as we did  we recommend you to grab an Uber.

At the edge of the beach there is the most instagrammable spot of Miami, the South point pier, where you can take a rest and enjoy greta views of the Miami beach while sitting on the well-preserved pier!  Don’t forget to feel the beautiful sand on your bare feet or even take a bath!

Metro Miami
Perhaps the most fun fact in the city of Miami is the aboveground metro mover that takes you to all parts of the city center completely for free! The best part is thta there isnt any drivers, just you and the city!!! So you have the opportunity to enjoy every corner of the center comfortably in just 1 or 2 hours!

Little Havana
Theres no way  to visit Miami and not to visit the area of the Little Havana… A little Cuba has migrated there! Cuba is right across Miami, so over the years the Cubans have created their own neighborhood, with their own cafés and restaurants!

There you will find the Latin American Walk of Fame, Calle Ocho! On the road of stars you will meet Ricky Martin, Thalia and many famous latino stars! Continuing the walk you will meet Cubans playing Domino at Maximo Gomez Park. Try ice cream from Azucar ice cream Company and eat at Versallies.

Wyndwood Walls
You know we love hipster areas… dont you? Last but not least, we left our favorite newly emerged neighborhood of Miami, Wyndwood walls! It was a degraded area which in general have been revived by artists, creating the new talk of the town! You will find exhibitions, paintings, lots of graffiti, young people, food, drink and more, generally you will get a nice taste of postmodern Miami before you leave the US!

For those of you who stay a bit longer there are other things to do of course such as to go on a day trip to Key Biscayne Islands, but in general we almost showed you every  “tourist” spot of Miami!

Back to the airport with an Uber and our one-day adventure as transit travellers in Miami has come to an end!

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