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If you are reading this post, its probably because you are planning a trip to Iceland or you are looking for some Icelandic inspo! Both are perfect and we are more that delighted to have you here with us taking you on a 7 day Ring Road trip itinerary in Iceland! Before or during reading below it would be greta of you could take a look at all our posts about Iceland where you will find useful tips and info such us renting a car, driving in Iceland, Blue Lagoon, chasing the Aurora borealis etc.

Important Information before you plan a trip to Iceland
  • In order to avoid struggling with day hours we recommend traveling summer months
  • If travelling from October till March it would be probably in order to see the northern lights, just dont be disappointed if that wont happen
  • Travelling during Autumn time is perfect for avoiding mass tourist groups as well
  • For your transfers in case of a roadtrip you ll definetely have to rent a car, read some useful tips here
  • Keep your budget as low as possible by sharing expenses with friends
  • The same applies to accommodation, generally it is common to share accommodation
  • Keep some ammount of budget for activities (eg Blue lagoon €85 person, Diamond Beach Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon €70 man, Secret Lagoon hot spring (€25 person), Skaftafel hike to Glacier (€60 person 3 hours hike) etc.)
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7 Day Ring Road trip itinerary in Iceland
1. Reykjavik airport – Reykjavik 30′ min driving
Stay:  Reykjavik  85€ per 4 persons
2. Golden Cirlce: Reykjavik – Thingvellir 50′ min –  Kerid crater 43′ min –  Geysir  37′ min – Gulfoss Waterfall 10′ min – Secret Lagoon Hot Spring 31′ min
Stay: Hella 44′ min 77 euro cottage house per 4 persons
3. Hella – Stórólfshvolskirkja (church) 14′ min- Seljalandsfoss – Waterfall 19′ min- Sólheimajökull 34′ min (iced river) – Solheimasandur Plane Wreck 9 ‘ (trekking 45′ or Shuttle 15€ το άτομο) – Black Sand Beach & Reynisfjara beach & Dyrhólaey Rock Arch 19′ min- Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon 54′ min – [Landmannalaugar 120.21′ min (like artists pallete in USA)] – Svartifoss Skaftafell (40′ min hike to east to see glacier tongue) National park Vatnajokull 60.09′ min – Diamond Beach Jokulsarlon Glacier lagoon tour 50’ min
Stay: Hoffell 59′ min 184 € per 4 persons (there are less expensive ones as well – we chose a nicer one due to the view and the privacy it offered to us)
4. Seydisfjordur 180.30′ min (colourful vilage) – Borgarfjörður Eystri 60.26′ min (puffin birds – only in summer) east fjiords
Stay:  Egalstidir 107€ cottage per 4 persons
5. Detiifoss waterfalls 120.24′ min – Grjótagjá Cave 60.09′ min & Myvath lake – Goðafoss Waterfall, Iceland 31′ min – Beer spa 30.40′ min [can do some whale watching here]
Stay: Akureyri 30′ min 129€ per 4 persons in a  Capsule Hostel
5.Hvitserkur – Skardsviti Lighthouse 44′ min- Kolugljúfur Canyon 39′ min – Reykjavik 120.41′ min
Stay:Reykjavik 2 nights 160€ per 4 persons
6. Reykjavik – Blue lagoon – Lava tunnel evening tour
Stay: Reykjavik
How much does it cost for a roadtrip in Iceland?

As with all trips, a trip in Iceland can be combined with some low budget options, for example Icelandic food options can make your trip less expensive! But what happens with all the rest expenses? Here is our budget analysis on a 2 persons basis.

2 persons on a 7 day roadtrip 1.772 euro :

  • 400 euro  airtickets
  • 365 euro accommodation
  • 5 euro tolls
  • 220 euro  car rental (440 euro for a group of 4)
  • 122 euro fueling 2.500 kilometers (244 for a group of 4)
  • 218 euro food coffee beer
  • 427 euro activities experiences
  • 15 euro souvenirs

There are always options that can afford us lower budget as long as you are flexible and easy going travellers! Share your transfers, your accommodation, your food etc and you ll see the difference!

Hope you found it interesting reading our personal experience of roadtripping in Iceland, please feel free to visit all posts related to this trip and we ll be more than happy to here any comments or feedback from you! Happy travels to all!

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