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Spring is probably the most beautiful time of year! Definitely the most colourful and the most pleasant because we begin to dream of our summer holidays. But why waiting for Summer when we can have one weekend getaway in the beautiful Argosaronikos now? Let’s look at 4 nearby options from the port of Piraeus to start the excursions soon.

These are picturesque island destinations near Attica for you who love the sea, for you who love the Greek islands and  the lovely sun!


The most enchanting island of Argosaronikos, in my opinion, leaves all cars and anything that makes noise behind and allows you to enjoy your walks on the paved paths on foot or on a donkey. Walk through the narrow streets of the island, admire the beautifully preserved mansions, climb up the high alleys and enjoy great views! Those who dare to do your first dives those  will be on the rocky slopes just 5 minutes from the harbor.


Agkistri is an island just 55 minutes from Piraeus, making it an excellent destination for small getaways. It can be quite small but has fantastic beaches while it is worth renting bikes to discover easily the island. For the lovers of free camping like us is the best choice and you will definitely love it!


Aegina island is about 30 minutres away from Agkistri and it is another picturesque island known for its nuts! The two islands are so close that you can discover them together if you have 3 days at your disposal! Alternatively, especially owhen it come to Aegina, you can visit it on the same day, it has a very cheap ticket but caution on holidays as it is very likely that the tickets are sold oul so go ahead and book them!


For our most cosmopolitan friends we recommend a more lifestyle island just as beautiful and picturesque as the previous ones and this is the island of Spetses! Full of historical alleys and picturesque houses that you will discover walking along a very beautiful route along the main harbor. Amongst other things, you will experience the island’s history at the Spetses Museum and the house of Bouboulina and you can visit many cute churches. Enjoy the experience of cycling at the harbor where you will also find no cars!

Regarding the budget you need, there are enough low budget options, starting an average price of 150 € a weekend for accommodation, transportation and food for two people (eg Aegina), or cheaper for the campers or even higher for the travelers who look for a more comfortable stay!

So why dont you tell us where would or will you start?

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