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alsace αλσατια

When we think of romantic destinations in Europe, the first place that comes to our mind are the fairytale villages in Alsace! You may have heard the Alsace for its vineyards, the picturesque villages, the romantic road or the wine road (you will find both routes below)! It is a region between France and Germany consisting of many small colorful villages, each of which is perfect for living a few fairytale days with your beloved ones!

alsace αλσατια

alsace αλσατια

The trek starts from the beautiful city of Strasbourg, which we had as a base for the trip! A beautiful opportunity to meet another destination and visit the European Parliament, think about it!

european parliament ευρωκοινοβούλιο

european parliament ευρωκοινοβούλιο

The villages of Alsace


It’s the hamlet we loved more than anything else! It’s a storybook, like it’s made out of candy and marshmellows! Spritzers, macarons, cupcakes, colorful benches… A delight! You will love it, you will walk around very easily because it is relatively small one and you will not stop taking photos!


It looks like a classic European small town that is also a fantastic hamlet, it is equally beautiful place full of small cafes and patisseries! Look for some sweets that  look like huge chocolate snowballs and drink some hot tea! If you stay till afternoon enjoy a warm wine and indulge yourself in the dream!


Fairytale-fairytale-fairytale, in this post we will keep repeating this word because it is the only one that can describe these adorable villages of Alsace!


It is considered as the most well-known tourist part of Alsace, really beautiful and big enough to enjoy many many rides! Built on the banks of the river Laoych, beautiful, colorful, houses made of wooden constructions and many many flea markets to do your shopping! Colmar is called Little Venice and those of you who have visited Venice will surely find many similarities as it has many channels and you can enjoy a ride at the canal on a.. Gondola!


Heidelberg is a unique city that combines the beauty of the Alsace villages with the warmth of the traditional European city. With a huge castle dominating high on the hill of the city, bridges and many places to admire from above the view by cable car! The historic center is pedestrianized with the classic paved and has a big market! Look for the university, take a walk inside and you will find ancient Greeks’ quotes on the walls of the school (…!).


We remember two things about this place… The flea market in the center of the square and the delicious sausages on the charcoal that you will find everywhere in street stalls!


And the list goes on…. Within 5 days we have been able to spend some time at 10 magical villages-Cities! We challenge you to do so!!! Do you accept the challenge?

The Romantic Road

The romantic road is also located in the wider region of Alsace with a basic Hamlet-town Rothenburg! We have found a map so that you can easily find the relevant route and why not decide to take it! Of course it is full of tourists but perhaps it is beacause its usually cold and everyone hides in shops and hot corners The villages do not seem to “drown ” by people! We enjoyed it and on the way back it started to snow, authentic, thick, fluffy snow! Dreamy!!!!

The Wine Road

More generally, two words dominate the minds of those who visit the villages of Alsace, fairytale and dream and not unjustly! The area is also suitable for wine lovers as you travel you will discover countless vineyards over there!

Alsace, where the wine becomes a journey!

Try Pinot, Sparkling and Riesling! The title The wine route is not accidental! We have also found you the route map to easily locate  wine road and all you have to do is choose in which villages you will stop or you will be staying overnight!

Keep in mind that you can be based in Strasbourg and commuting every day!




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