by Olga

Travel to aristocratic Vienna! A city full of spectacular palaces, cathedrals, baroque and gothic aesthetics and fine chocolates! Vienna is what we would call all time classic as travellers choose Vienna as a winter destination every year especially the festive time of Christmas!  Vienna. Austria’s capital offers a unique blend of imperial traditions and stunning modern architecture. It is famous for its cultural events, imperial sights, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, and the very special Viennese charm.What makes Vienna so special? What are the top attractions in Vienna? What should you eat while travelling in Vienna? Find all the answers below and get ready for a beautiful and easy-to-organise trip for some european rides in Vienna’s majestic pedestrian streets!

Did you know that Rigas Feraios is closely connected to the city of Vienna ? No ? Neither did we! Seek for the plaque that is placed on a main street in Vienna as an honour to him and learn more!

vienna austria

vienna austria

15+1 Top attractions in Vienna
  1. Belvedere palaceDunabeVienna state opera houseSchönbrunn Palace
  2. Schönbrunn Park and Gardens
  3. The Hofburg treasuryImperial  ApartmentsImperial chapelSisi MuseumSpanish Riding School
  4. Vienna city hallSt. Stephen’s Cathedral
  5. Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum
  6. Tiergarten Schönbrunn
  7. Karlskirche
  8. Vienna’s Natural History Museum
  9. Hundertwasserhaus
  10. Vienna’s Capuchin Church
  11. Parliament Building
  12. Kärtner Strasse.
  13. Donner fountainNational Theater Burgtheater
  14. Franciscan Church
  15. Rathaus
  16. Rigas Feraios plaque

The list of the top attractions as you may see yourself is really long, but that doesn’t mean you have to see all of it of course! Depending on the itinerary of yours and travel days try prioritize the above attractions and make the most out of your trp. The city of Vienna is easily walkable so just try to enjoy it without any worries!

Food stories in Vienna

You will definitely taste the sweet chimney cake which is coming out of the oven and while it is still hot they sprinkle it with chocolate, candies and all you can imagine. We suggest you try it in its pure original version, which is no other than cinnamon and sugar! Of course, in Vienna you have to try chocolate or maybe we should say chocolates! All sorts of chocolates can be found throughout the pedestrian area of the city center of Vienna and wonderfully decorated stores are waiting for you to visit them and try all kind of chocolates!

Of course while in Vienna, you cannot miss drinking Viennese chocolate, although we did not notice any difference with the classic ones but let’s say that you owe it to the city.

For the lovers of the street food hot dogs and sausages – wurstels are all around the city… They are really convenient in terms of budget and taste and of course it is a must especially while visiting Christmas festive markets! Lst but not least the classic old-fashioned schnitzel can also be found in every restaurant in the center of Vienna at affordable prices and in satisfactory portions!

The center of Vienna is very easy to walk around. In fact, there is one main ring road that encapsulates the city center, making it hard to get lost! There is a lot to see on different sides of the city, so the easiest way to get around is via the U-Bahn

Historic cafes in Vienna

We drank coffee at a central a quite minimal actually for such a baroque city and at Fenster Cafe Vienna (instagrammers will love it).  We didnd get to visit Vienna’s well-known historic cafes, but we believe that some of them are worth visiting and enjoying a hot cup of coffee or a pastry!

These were some little tips and top attractions for your visit to aristocratic Vienna which will welcome you with festive mood whether you are travelling on Christmas time or not. It’s a beautiful trip with very pleasant european notes (you might try dancing and waltz as well, would you?), endless walks in pedestrian streets and hot chocolate! Put your pins in the maps, wear some warm shoes, isothermal clothes and you are ready to indulge in the beauty of the grand city of Vienna. Vienna is always worth a trip, but at Christmas time the city radiates a very special kind of magic.

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