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They have been called Seychelles of Greece, the Bahamas of Greece, paradise and many other great things! There have not yet been overcrowded by tourists, somewhere you’ ve heard them and they are definitely on your bucketlist of summer destinations in Greece! So for you who have not visited yet Lichadonisia islands read our article and fly to Lichadonisia!

So let’s meet the exotic Lichadonisia!

Lichadonisia, or Lichades, is a complex of seven or more small islands and islets in the northwest of Evia. They are located in the Sea area where you join the northern Evoikos Gulf with Maliakos and its on the opposite of Kamena Vourla.

Lichadonisia formed after volcanic activity while a large part of the islands sank from an earthquake in 426 B.C. their name came from Lichas, the servant of Hercules, who handed him the tunic of Deianeira, according to mythology and because when Hercules held him responsible for the tunic, hurled him to the sea. From the pieces and his blood were formed the Lichades islands!

Some of the names of the islets are Monolia and the Vagia as well as other smaller called Pontikonisi.

How to get to Lichadonisia.

During the summer season there are daily and weekend itineraries from the port of Kamena Vourla Fthiotida. You can choose a boat with glass bottom and there is usually a mini tour performed by the Captain! Also ask about the beaches where every boat leaves you because the first one is always so full of people that you can hardly enjoy the scenery!

From Kamena Vourla: The start of the routes to and from the Lichadonisia started on June 9, 2018 from the port of Kamena Vourla.

  • Timetable: take off 12:00 return 18:00 ticket prices 12.00 Euro adults and 6.00 euro children.
  • Itineraries are also operated from the beach of Kavos Lihada of North Evia, upon telephone contact – ticket prices 6.00 Euro adults and free for children.
  • The visit to the beach of Lichadonisiwn can be done by Kamena Vourla,  with the boats “Lihadonisia i ” and “Lihadonisia II ” or from Kavos (Evia) with the boats “I saw it all ” and “I saw all II “, the use of umbrellas is free of charge, upon availability for the duration of your stay, if you are visiting the Lihadonisia with the specific boats.


Tip 1: Meet the permanent residents of Lihadonisia who are not other than the wonderful seals of monachus- monachus who live permanently in these waters!

Tip 2: Because for some of you the prices might seem a little bit exaggerated… You can take with you your umbrella and fridge with the necessary respect and discretion always!

Tip 3: Don’t miss the shipwreck…

The paradox of Lichadonisia

These islands turned into a popular tourist destination in recent years, certainly not unjustified. On the other hand, however, the impression that the islets will derive depends on ones initial expectations. Eg. Ok… It is something beautiful and different, ideal for one-day excursions, but come on…its not Seychelles!!!

Consider it as a short getaway and travel experience filled with people who enjoy the crystal clear waters and the incredible beauty of the landscape (when not overcrowded). The area is also available for snorkeling, water sports and scuba diving. Every place has its own beauty and it is good to feel it that way!

After all, the final impressions are only yours!!!

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